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"A/S GEA Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company"
GEA produces and sells generic medicine in the Scandinavian countries

"Access Pharmaceuticals"

Focused on developing both novel low-development-risk products and technologies which present major longer-term product opportunities

"Accredo Health, Inc"

Providing specialized contract pharmacy services for the treatment of costly, chronic diseases

"Adams Laboratories, Inc."

Contract manufacturer of pharmaceuticals including formulation, testing, production, packaging and distribution for customers worldwide.


Maufacturing company established in the production of generic pharmaceuticals and toiletry cosmetics.

"Adherex Cell Adhesion Technologies"

Developing drug therapies and delivery systems based on proprietory cell adhesionplatform technology. Applications include cancer, nerve regeneration, and more.

"Adolor Corporation"

Research-based analgesia product company which is committed to the development of novel analgesics and related therapeutics.

"Advantage Plus Systems"

Specialists for return goods of pharmaceuticals and expired products serving hospitals, pharmacies and networks.

"Aleppo Pharmaceutical Industries Company"

Manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceutical products.


Allergy products for the diagnosis, prevention and cure of allergies and the relief of symptoms - allergy vaccination.

"Alliance Pharmaceutical Corp."

Developing pharmaceuticals for blood substitutes, liquid pulmonary oxygen carriers and medical imaging products.

"Alpha Therapeutic Corporation"

Developer of plasma derived products including coagulation factors, immune globulins, and plasma volume expanders.


Discovery and development of pharmaceutical products for treatment of the complications of diabetes and age-related diseases


Development of pharmaceutical products for the complications of diabetes and age-related diseases.

"AltiMed Pharmaceutical Company"

Makers of therapeutically equivalent products and is home of the Pharmacist's GuideTo The Internet, an online and interactive resource to help pharmacists build a better practice.

"Alva-Amco Pharmacal, Inc"

Makers of diurex, menstrual diuretic, psoriasin for psoriasis, fungicure for fungus infection, backaid for back ache, and herpetrol for cold sores.


Starting as low as 16¢ per day on eyewear, eyecare, non-prescription sunglasses, drugs, dental, chiropractic and travel assistance.


Starting as low as 16¢ per day on eyewear, eyecare, non-prescription sunglasses, drugs, dental, chiropractic and travel assistance.

"Antibiotice SA"

Antibiotics company that produces active pharmaceutical substances obtained by biosynthesis and semi-synthesis.

"Apex Medical Corp./ Chempak (Australia)"

Suppliers of: pill splitters, pill pulverisers, self help aids, arthritic aids, dose sets, medication planners, medisets, liquid medication aids, dry medication aids, pill organisers, pill reminders and much more.

"Applied Genetics Inc., Dermatics"

A private biopharmaceutical company focusing on DNA repair technology, dermatology, liposome diagnosis, skin cancer research and early cancer diagnosis and the lifestyle enhancement market.

"Aqualon Pharmaceuticals"

Broad range of cellulosic and natural polymers for use in various pharmaceutical applications.

"Arachnova, Ltd"

Virtual pharmaceutical discovery and development company. Specialists in outsourced project and technology management.

"Arianna International, Inc."

We are an International wholesaler of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies from the U.S., Canada and Europe to destinations through-out the world

"ASAC Pharmaceutical International, AIE"

Group of laboratories in Spain, specializing in the manufacture and marketing of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, mainly phytopharmacs.

"Assorted ACPE Acredited Pharmacy CE"

Comprehensive database of free online ACPE-accredited Pharmacy Continuing Education(CE)

"Astral Pharmaceuticals"

Manufacturer & Exporter of Bulk Drugs, Active Pharma Ingredient, Formulations, Veterinary Drugs, and Pharmaceutical Raw Material.


Providing hospitals and homecare facilities with innovative drug delivery systems for iv admixture, syringe infusion, oral and topical drug administration, filtration, and nutritional compounding.

"Bilaurand Laboratories, Ltd."

A high-tech company specialising in research, development, manufacturing, licensing and marketing of pet and human healthcare products.

"Biochem Pharmaceutical Industries"

Established in 1959 manufactures pharmaceutical products for India and is licencee for multinational companies.


Offers a wide variety of essential medicines and ranks among the leading worldwide manufacturers of antibiotics and biotechnological active ingredients.

"Bioglan Pharma Plc"

Pharmaceutical research and development, distribution and licensing company.

"BioProgress Technology International, Inc."

Manufacturer of gelatin-free soft capsules for dietary supplements, bath oils and paint balls.

"Blue Cross Laboratories Ltd"

We are manufacturers and exporters of pharmaceutical formulations. Specializing in dispersible tablets technology.


Manufacturing homeopathic drugs, nutritional supplements, trace elements, veterinary medicines, and other items.

"Bombay Drugs & Pharmas Ltd."

Manufacturing and exports chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Custom synthesis available.

"Brookcare Pharmacy Services"

provides over the counter and prescription drug pharmacy services

"C&M (Zhuhai) Development Co. Ltd."

Producer and trader of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pigments, herbs extract powders.

"C-Tech Corporation"

C-Tech Corporation is the leading manufacturer of chemicals in India for the past eighty years. We specialize in manufacturing the world's most bitter chemical, Denatonium Benzoate. We also manufacture several other chemicals like, pigments (chrome yellows), flame retardants, perfumes for polymers, bitterants, aversives, pharmaceutical intermediates, bird & animal repellants.

"Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd."

Manufacturers of bulk drugs, pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical drugs, medicare intermediaries etc.

"Camus Pharma Pvt. Ltd."

Manufacturer and exporter.


Manufacturer of two piece gelatin capsules.

"Celltech Group plc"

Research-based pharmaceutical company committed to the discovery and development of novel products which offer significant therapeutic gains and substantial commercial potential.

"Chemdel Laboratory"

We produce natural products for biochemical research, custom synthesis, contract research, HTScreening companies and the pharmaceutical industry.

"Chemifarma S.A."

Producing pharmaceutical products such as ampicillin, cloxacillin and cefazolin sodium; chloramphenicol sodium succinate, and naproxene lysinate.

"ChemSyn Laboratories"

Services include custom synthesis, radiolabeling, commercial production of API's, process development, scale-up, validation, and DMF preparation.

"China Fuzhou Antibiotic Group Corp"

Antibiotic manufacturers and exporters in China. Both the output and sales volume of the main product chlortetracycline HCl ranks first in the world.

"China Guangzhou Tian Xin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd."

Manufacturer of antibiotics and injections, tablets, oral granules, oral solutions, etc. especially penicillin.

"China Pharmaceuticals, China Fine Chemicals & Drug Intermediates"

China pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, drug intermediates and bulk drugs for export from China. Sincer Pharmchem is a team with more than 10 years experience in pharmaceutical international marketing.


Chiroscience Group plc is an emerging pharmaceutical company which uses its diverse technology platform to discover and develop novel medicines for improved healthcare.

"Chugai Pharma Europe Ltd"

European headquarters of Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. and Chugai Pharma UK Ltd.

"Citadel Fine Pharmaceuticals"

Manufacturers of pharmaceutical formulations, specializing in dispersible tablets, anti-inflammatory drugs and nalgis suspension.

"Comprehensive Pharmacy Services"

Since1971 Comprehensive Pharmacy Services has provided our clients the highest level of pharmacy services throughout the continuum of the overall healthcare system.


An independent pharmaceutical company headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden. The company develops and markets, through licensees, pharmaceutical products based on substances extracted from the Podophyllum plant.

"Contract Pharmacal Corp"

Private label manufacturer and packager of nutritional, herbal, and athletic supplements, as well as OTC and prescription medication.

"Cortecs International"

Developer of rapid diagnostics and pharmaceuticals in the biotechnology healthcare industry.

"CPL, Inc. Pharmaceuticals-Bulk Drugs-Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients"

CPL, Inc. Pharmaceuticals is a U.S. company partnering with India to provide direct import of bulk drugs and intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients, hospital supplies, medical supplies, sulfolane and more to North and Latin America.

"CytoDyn of New Mexico, Inc."

Contains history, science, clinical, and financial status of Cytolin from the company that developed this designer AIDS drug

"D&E Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

D&E is one of the few companies permitted by license to distribute Ephedrine products. An over-the-counter (OTC) non-prescription product for Asthma sufferers,Allergy, Hay Fever, and Cold & Flu.

"Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology"

Information on the graduate program and research activities in Pharmacology and Toxicology.

"Department of Preclinical and Clinical Pharmacology, University of Florence, Italy"

Information on research activities in Pharmacology.

"Diamyd Medical AB"

A biotechnology company developing a vaccine for autoimmune diabetes known as Diamyd.

"Dishman Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals, Ltd."

Manufacturer of bulk drugs and specialty chemicals.


A communications agency providing support services for the international pharmaceutical industry.

"Dr. J.R.K's Siddha Research & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd."

Indian Pharmaceutical company manufacturing, marketing effective & safe herbal products for PSORIASIS, VITILIGO and any other skin aliments.

"Drug Information Technologies, Inc."

DIT is dedicated to supplying accurate, up to date drug information and the most comprehensive drug risk control tools for professionals and consumers.

"Eco-Med Pharmaceuticals Inc"

Manufacturers of EcoGel ultrasound gel and custom made medical products.

"Efroze Chemical Industries (Pvt) Limited"

Manufactures analgesics, antipyretic, antiacids, digestive enzymes, and antibiotics.

"Elite Pharma"

A pharmaceutical company in formulation, drugs, tablets, capsules, syrups, antibiotics - manufacturing and exporting from India.

"Epigenesis Pharmaceuticals"

Producing molecular therapeutics for respiratory diseases.

"Equi-Tox, Inc."

Veterinary pharmaceutical research and development firm dedicated to solutions for fescue toxicosis and other animal problems, especially for equine.

"Erdo Pharma Pharmaceutical Consulting and Servicing"

A new pharmaceutical consulting and servicing company physically located in Hungary with international reputation and activity.

"Erfar S.A. Pharmaceutical Laboratories"

Specializing in the development, manifacture and marketing of a broad range of pharmaceutical products for human and veterinary use

"EUCRO European Contract Research GmbH & Co.KG"

EUCRO - aims to supply companies with new product opportunities through own product development or co-development, globalisation of licences and trading of health care products.

"Euphoric Pharmaceuticals"

Producing a wide range of chemicals, medicines and pharmaceutical products for India. Looking for partners to grow worldwide

"Farmacie Petrone Pharmaceuticals Supply"

Pharmaceuticals import export wholesale company. Supplies a wide range of pharmaceutical products and international export items. Worldwide partnerships for products registration and marketing from abroad to Europe and vice versa.

"FDA Drug Approvals List"

Updated weekly as a service by CDER's Division of Data Management and Services.

"Felton Grimwade & Bickford Pty. Ltd."

Manufactures OTC pharmaceuticals, nutritional and fish oil supplements, herbal remedies, personal care and house-hold products. Producers of eucalyptus oil and eucalyptus oil based products.

"Ferring Pharmaceuticals"

An international, independent pharmaceutical company that provides pharmaceuticals on the body's own terms.

"Fine Chemicals and bulk drugs"

Fine and specialty chemicals and bulk drugs manufactured and shipped to various world destinations in various grades as required by the client

"Formosa Laboratory, Inc."

Offering organic synthesis and analytical chemistry for the production of bulk pharmaceuticals and drugs.

"Freeman's Homeopathic Pharmacy"

Information on and online ordering the full range of homeopahic remedies and preparations

"G.C.Hanford Manufacturing Company"

Pharmaceutical contract manufacturer specializing in injectable cephalosporins for human and veterinary use, penicillins and penicillin derivatives.

"Goodwill Group, India"

Manufacturer and exporter of organic chemicals, dyes, intermediates, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides, from India

"Green Mountain Co. Ltd."

Products include pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, planting media, industrial chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

"Hangzhou Jiuyuan Gene Engineering Co., Ltd."

Specialized in the research, production and marketing of pharmaceuticals based on gene engineering and biochemical technologies.

"Hardin MD - Pharmacy & Pharmacology"

From the University of Iowa, the *best* lists of Internet sources in pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmaceutical, and drugs.

"Herbacin Cosmetic GmbH"

Producer of quality plant extracts by careful, gentle methods. The Herbacin product range covers a selection of hand, skin and hair care products for all kinds of requirements.

"Hindustan Tablets"

Hindustan Tablets a company in manufacturing various range of products in tablets like aspirin, ibuprofen, paracetamol, ranitidine and expoter of medicine to the developing countries.

"Hoechst Internet"

discovers and develops novel therapies based on scientific innovations in fields such as genetic engineering and biotechnology and aims to bring those therapies to the global marketplace in the form of branded prescription drugs.

"Hovid Sdn Bhd"

Pharmaceutical company in Malaysia that manufactures generic and ethical products, soft gels, nutritional supplements, and herbal preparations.

"Huanggang Yongan Pharmaceutical"

Producing chemical intermediates.

"Huazhong Pharmaceutical Group"

Material medicine production, preparation processing, science research and development, and trading.

"Hubei Huanggang Yongan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd."

As a manufacturer of taurine, Huanggang Yongan Pharm`s annual output is 1000 tons.

"HYD Ltd."

Developing pharmaceutical and consumer products for the treatment of neoplastic diseases including cancer.

"ICN Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

Our goal is to discover and rapidly develop unique medicines of value for the benefit of mankind.

"ImmunoScience, Inc."

Manufacturing a quick saliva based test system for home and office for HIV infection. Also doing research on a promising vaccine leading to cure of HIV and AIDS.

"IMS Amphastar"

Specializing in generic injectables in prefilled syringes, featuring needleless and protected needle systems.

"IndoFrench Laboratories"

IndoFrench laboratories from Chennai, India, manufactures high quality pharmaceuticals and herbal medicines towards better health care.

"Innovative Devices, LLC"

Designs, develops, and manufactures respiratory and gastrointestinal drug delivery systems and devices.


The leading pharmaceutical resource on the Internet -healthcare industries; news, views, jobs, directories of agencies, professional organisations and freelancers, along with thousands of links out into the Internet.

"Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

develops medicines for chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.

"Institut de Recherche Jouveinal / Parke-Davis"

A leading centre in Europe for pharmaceutical R&D is specialised in inflammation, gastroenterology, pain, and the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

"Institute of Isotopes Co., Ltd. (IZOTOP)"

Research, development and production of a wide variety of radioactive isotopes, related and other products for a broad range of application areas, especially healthcare, life science research and industry.

"Institute of Pharmacology, Polish Academy of Sciences"

Information about the Institute and its neuropharmacological research, including psychotropic drugs.

"Institutes for Pharmaceutical Discovery"

Developing pharmaceutical products.

"Intas Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Company"

pharmaceutical and healthcare products

"Intas Pharmaceuticals"

Manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

"IntraBiotics Pharmaceuticals"

Biopharmaceutical company developing antibacterial and antifungal products for the treatment and prevention of serious infectious diseases

"Irotec Laboratories"

Specialising in generic products, contract manufacturing, research and devolpement, and regulatoryaffairs for the pharmaceutical industry.

"IVC Industries, Inc."

Vitamins, herbals, nutritional supplements, and over-the-counter pharmaceutical drug products available through drug stores, supermarkets, and mass merchandising chains, as well as health food stores, independent drug stores etc.

"Jammi Pharmaceuticals"

A famous liver cure clinic in India manufacturing several ayurvedic medicines.


The Pharmaceutical Works JELFA Co. is the largest industrial plant in the town of Jelenia Góra. It is also one of the biggest corporations in the Polish pharmaceutical industry

"Jones Medical Industries"

Manufacturer/marketer of critical care hospital pharmaceutical, chronic disease prescrition drugs and nutritional products.

"Joungil Corporation"

Supplier of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

"Karlshamns AB"

Karlshamns is one of the world's four leading producers of advanced vegetable specialityfats.

"Karnataka Antibiotics & Pharmaceutical Ltd"

Karnataka Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals site has the Profile, Infrastructure, Products & Enquiry form for the site.

"Karo Bio AB"

Biopharmaceutical company working in the field of nuclear receptors to discover and develop tissue selective drugs.

"Karo Bio AB"

A drug discovery company focusing its research on the discovery and pre-clinical phases of drug development.

"Kendall Healthcare Products"

Kendall is dedicated to the development and manufacture of single-use medical, surgical, and vascular therapy products.

"Key Oncologics (Pty) Ltd, South Africa"

Biopharmaceutical company marketing anticancer pharmaceuticals, and conducting oncology clinical trials.

"Kinetek Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

Specializing in therapeutics based on modulation of disease-related signal transduction pathways.

"Kinetix Pharmaceuticals, Inc"

specializing in the discovery and development of selective kinase inhibitors

"Kramer Laboratories, Inc."

Specializing in the development of over the counter pharmaceuticals.

"La Jolla Pharmaceuticals"

Focused on the research and development of highly specific therapeutics for the treatment of certain life-threatening antibody-mediated diseases.

"Laboratorio Maver, Ltda."

Producing and markets pharmaceutical, therapeutic, generic, and cosmetic products.

"Laboratorios Alcala Farma"

Manufacturer and develper of pharmaceuticals

"Lancaster Laboratories"

Offering analytical, research, and consulting services in the laboratory expertise in the areas of environmental, foods and pharmaceuticals.

"Lannett Co. Inc."

Generic pharmaceutical manufacturer of quality Rx & OTC products, offering contract manufacturing, packaging, & ANDA development services.


Developing skin protection and hygiene products for the workplace.

"largest manufacturers and exporters of anhydrous lanolin."

largest manufacturers and exporters of anhydrous lanolin, lanolin, woolfat, lanolin derivatives for pahrmaceuticals, soaps & cosmeceuticals, cosmetics & emollient bases for rust preventive oils and lubricants (derived from wool grease).

"Libao Biochemcal & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd."

Bulk materials and preparations.

"Lorus Therapeutics Inc."

Focused on the development of cancer therapies

"LTS Lohmann Therapie-Systeme"

Development and contract manufacturing company specializing in drug delivery systems.

"Maas BiolAB LLC -"

Developing treatments for CNS disease

"MacroMed Incorporated"

Developing drug-delivery systems utilizing proprietary polymer technologies.

"Madras Pharmaceuticals"

Manufacturing and exporting pharmaceutical products.

"Magellan Laboratories Inc."

Analytical resources for the pharmaceutical industry.

"Managed Pharmacy Care"

MPC develops 3rd party contracts for Independent Pharmacies using specific wholesalers. We have no fees, dues or mandatory programs, and offer over 2000 health contracts.

"manufacturer of chemical and pharmaceutical"

manufacturer of chemical pharmaceutical and intermediate fine chemical.

"Marathon Biopharmaceuticals, Inc."

A full service, dedicated contract manufacturing company.

"MDL Information Systems, Inc."

provider of integrated logistics and decision support systems that enable a high-throughput environment for research and development in the life sciences and chemical industries.

"Medarex, Inc."

Biotechnology company developing therapeutic products for cancer, AIDS, and other life-threatening diseases based on proprietary technology in the field of immunology.

"Mediolanum Farmaceutici Group"

A diversified pharmaceutical group committed to the discovery, development and marketing of a varied portfolio of products. It is based in Italy with subsidiaries in France and the USA.


Medico-pharmaceutical information, services and products.


Manufacturer and exporter of a range of pharmaceuticals, bulk drugs, formulations, herbals, and consumer care products.

"Mehta Pharmaceuticals"

Manufacturer and exporter of herbal based bulk drugs including Calcium Sennosides, Senna Extract, Santonin Strychnine, and Brucine.

"Merck & Co., Inc., Whitehouse Station, NJ"

Merks discovers, develops, maufactures and markets broad range of innovative products to improve human health.


Specialising in the research, development, and manufacture of quality in vitro diagnostics products.

"Meridian Healthcare Pharmacy Services"

Providing information about outsourced employer-dedicated on-site pharmacies.

"Merind Limited"

Bulk pharmaceuticals for human and animal health.


Privately owned pharmaceutical company.

"Metabolic Pharmaceuticals"

Developing a new obesity drug based on the active fat metabolising region of the human growth hormone.

"Miravant Medical Technologies"

Development of pharmceutical and medical device products for use in photodynamic therapy, a minimally invasive technology that uses photoreactive drugs to treat or diagnose disease

"Miravant Medical Technologies"

Developing both pharmaceuticals and devices for photodynamic therapy, a medical procedure using light-activated drugs to treat macular degeneration and more

"Mistrys Healthy Options Ltd"

Established and respected pharmacy and beauty store in Market Harborough.

"ML Pharmaceutical PLC"

A young and ambitious British pharmaceutical company specializing in therapies for serious diseases for home management after hospital treatment.

"MMC Healthcare LTD."

Pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing and Exporters to many european countries.

"Morepen Laboratories Ltd."

Manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of pharmaceuticals, bulk drugs, formulations, herbals, and consumer care products.

"Nanjing Chemicals I/E Corp."

Manufacturing and exports bulk drugs, intermediates, and other chemicals.

"Neon Laboratories Limited"

Makers of injectable for formulations

"Neoparin, Inc"

Supplier of heparin derivatives for life science research, glycoanalysis and drug discovery. Provides custom synthesis and analysis of heparinoids.

"NeoTherapeutics, Inc."

Biopharmaceutical company developing new drugs to treat neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, impairment associated with aging, stroke and spinal cord injuries

"NeoTherapeutics, Inc."

Leading R&D BioPharmaceutical company focusing on Neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinsons Disease, Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke and others.

"Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation"

Manufacturer of respiratory therapy medications.

"Neurobiological Technologies, Inc."

Developing and licenses therapeutic products based on neuroscience research.

"New Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

Emphasizes structure oriented drug development, albumin structure-based bioengineering and pharmacokinetics, and microgravity applications in protein crystal growth.

"Newmed Corporation"

Makers of a device for asthmatics which tracks the use of medication dispensed from a metered dose inhaler.

"NeXstar Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

Integrated pharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing of products to treat life-threatening diseases.

"Ningbo Create Biological Project Co.,Ltd."

is the main manufacturer of L-cysteine and its derivatives in China.

"NNODUM Corporation"

Triple action Formula for arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism, muscle aches and pain, diabetic neuropathy, sprains and strains

"Nonprescription Drug Manufacturers Association of Canada"

NDMAC is the voice of responsible self-medication.

"Novo Nordisk"

A world leader in insulin and diabetes care and also manufactures and markets a variety of other pharmaceutical products.


Multinational pharmaceutical company that produces healthcare products for treatment, relief, and prevention of diseases.


Specialised in the areas of research, development, production and marketing of derivatives from human plasma.

"Oculex Pharmaceuticals, Inc"

developers of a drug delivery system for treating ocular diseases and inflammation

"Oncogene Science, Inc."

Biopharmaceutical company involved in the discovery and development of novel drugs to treat or cure major human diseases

"Oncology Supply"

Oncology Supply, a wholly owned division of ASD Specialty Healthcare, is one of the largest nationwide distributors of oncology products, pharmaceuticals and practice management solutions.

"Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd."

Cephalosporin and other pharmaceutical products

"Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals"

Specializing in the manufacture of bulk cephalosporin antibiotics for the world market

"Orchidia Promotions, CIBA Vision sole distributor located in Cairo - Egypt."

marketing office with extensive experience in pharmaceuticals.

"Oread Laboratories"

Dedicated to providing comprehensive services to drug development, chemical, biotech, and related industries.

"Oxford GlycoSciences"

Drug discovery and development company using glycobiology, glycochemistry, and proteomics to discover new therapeutic and diagnostic products for human diseases.

"OXIS International, Inc."

Developing therapeutics and manufacturing diagnostics for diseases caused by oxidative stress.

"Paddock Laboratories, Inc."

A pharmaceutical company specializing in branded generics and compounding products.

"Pangaea Pharmaceuticals, Inc"

Developing DNA-based immunomodulatory compounds for use in treating human disease.

"PanTherix Ltd"

Using leading technologies in structural enzymology to discover and develop drugs for fighting infectious diseases.

"PanTherix Ltd"

Using leading technologies in structural enzymology to discover and develop drugs for fighting infectious diseases.

"Par Pharamaceuticals"

Manufacturer, distributor, and developer of generic pharmaceutical products.

"Patheon, Inc."

Provider of commercial manufacturing and drug development services to the pharmaceutical industry.

"PathoGenesis Corporation"

Developing drugs for the treatment of chronic human infectious diseases.

"PDRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

Pharmaceutical sales, dispensing systems, and re-packaging for physicians, clinics, or other health care facilities.

"Phaarmasia Limited"

Contract manufacturing and marketing services.


An association of 10 pharmaceutical top companies based in Belgium. They are researching and developing new drugs and, from their manufacturing facilities in Belgium, produce new and existing drugs and export them allover the world.

"Pharma Chemie"

Pharmaceutical development and manufacturing firm focusing on animal nutritionals, human nutritionals, and flavor bases.

"Pharma Synth Formulations Ltd"

Manufacturers and exporters of pharmaceuticals like liquid orals, ointment, hard gelatin capsules oral powders compressed tablets, pharmaceuticals, medicines.

"Pharmaceutical Processing"

Including product directory search, new product announcement and more.

"Pharmaceutical Profiles"

Using the pioneer imaging technique of gamma scintigraphy to visualise exactly what dosage forms are doing in the body.

"Pharmaceutical Recruitment Consultants (PRC)"

Specialist recruitment consultants for the pharmaceutical and related industries.

"Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics Software Server"

On this server you will find a repository of NONMEM routines

"Pharmacology and Legal Drugs at The Mining Co."

Pharmacology and legal drugs resource

"Pharmadigm, Inc."

Pharmadigm is developing a new class of anti-inflammatory agent useful in the management of acute inflammatory responses associated with burns, asthma, major trauma, heart attack, & stroke.

"PharmaLink Europe"

Advanced communication tools for the European Health Industry. The European Lab Directory.


Researches, develops, manufactures and markets generic products for both presciption and over-the-counter sale.


Independent institutional pharmacy services companies and provider of services to workers' compensation claimants.

"PharmSource Information Services, Inc"

Provider of information on contract drug development for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries

"Pherin Pharmaceutical"

focused on the discovery and development of vomeropherins, a new family of pharmaceutical compounds for the treatment of central nervous system and neuroendocrine system disorders.


Producing drug loading and coating technologies.

"Photogen Technlogies, Inc."

Developing a whole new class of medical devices and related drug technologies to find, identify, and treat disease from cancer to bacterial infection.

"Pinnacle Pharmaceutics"

Canadian distributors of pharmacy products, vitamins, pregnancy tests.


Specializing in filling hard gelatin capsules with dietary supplements.

"Polish Pharmaceutical Services"

Pharmaceutical and OTC trade all over the world.

"Procyon Biopharma, Inc."

Focused on the R&D of cancer therapies derived from antinuclear auto-antibody (ANA) and prostate secretory protein (PSP94) technologies.

"Psychopharmacology Tips"

These tips are just that -- tips -- and not (with some exceptions) the results of scientific studies.

"R&D Laboratories"

Provides superior pharmaceuticals and nutritionals - specializing in renal and kidney-dialysis and nephrology products. Pediatric and geriatric kidney disease management starts here.

"R&D Laboratories, Inc."

Serves the unique vitamin and nutrient needs of kidney dialysis patients.

"R&J Engineering Corp."

Specializing in pharmaceutical hard gelatin capsule production machinery and related technology with turnkey project installations worldwide.

"Rasfer Internacional SA"

Manufactures antibiotics, analgesics and anti-inflammatories, veterinary cardiovascular and respiratory chemicals.

"RDI World Online"

RDI is your one stop source for brand and generic pharmaceuticals, respiratory medications and equipment, products for sleep disorders, and homehealth equipment. Respiratory Distributors Inc. "It's all about getting air."

"Remedi Pharmaceuticals"

Business segments include hospital equipment, clinical testing, and pharmacy management systems.

"Rentschler Biotechnology"

contract development and production of biopharmaceuticals. The company is primarily engaged in development, clinical testing, production and analysis of proteins for human therapeutic or diagnostic use according to international standards.

"Rhone-Poulenc Rorer"

research and development of innovative medicines


The Roche Pharmaceuticals Division seeks to harness the best available internal and external resources to discover, develop, produce and market cost-effective drugs that represent true breakthroughs in combating human diseases.

"RxSystems, Inc."

Established in 1979 by Richard Jensen, is a privately-owned company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of pharmacy-related products.


Pharmaceutical Products, sales of all types shipped direct.

"RxUSA International, Inc."

An international pharmacy serving physicians, hospitals, clinics and patients worldwide. We are distributors of USA-FDA approved medications, drugs, medical equipment and supplies, and accessories.

"Rye Pharmaceuticals LLC"

naturally effective first aid for burns and wounds.

"Ryscor Science, Inc."

Our facility is equipped with state of the art synthetic chemistry labs each dedicated to efficient and timely production of novel chemical products. Specializing in custom chemical synthesis and Boron chemistry.

"S&D Chemicals"

A major manufacturer's representative offering a well diversified product portfolio to pharmaceutical, natural health, veterinary, and food companies throughout Canada and the US.

"Sabex: Generic pharmaceutical products manufacturer"

Leading Canadian developer and manufacturer of sterile injectables and ophthalmics

"Sai Pharmaceutical Works"

Manufacturers and exporters of small volume parenterals, liquid, and powder injections.

"Sama Impex, Ltd."

Sama impex Ltd is a leading company in the distribution and trading of high quality pharmaceutical substances and has a thorough understanding of the requirements of the global pharmaceutical industry.

"Schein Pharmaceutical"

development, manufacturing and marketing of generic pharmaceutical products with a strong commitment to product development

"Schein Pharmaceutical, Inc."

The Company's brand products group has developed an expertise in the management of anemia in nephrology, and is looking to expand this expertise to iron management.

"Scintipharma, Inc."

Provides services to the pharmaceutical industry for the optimization of drug delivery systems by the use of clinical gamma scintigraphy

"SELOC France"

Manufacturing and sale of pharmaceutical active from organic synthesis to fermentation technology, custom R&D, and new chemical entities for clinical studies trading


A program designed to specifically meet the unique medications needs of residents living in assisted living, specialty care, and independent communities.

"SERAF Therapeutics, Inc."

Early stage pharmaceutical company specializing in targeted delivery of therapeutic componds to specific immune cells as cost-effective therapy for inflammatory & autoimmune diseases.

"Serono Pharmaceutical Research Institute (SPRI)"

Swiss developer of pharmaceuticalproducts.

"Shangyu Foreverchem Co., Ltd."

Manufactures mefenamic acid, pharmaceuticals, intermediates, dyestuffs and pigments.

"Sheffield Pharmaceuticals (4)"

SHEFFIELD PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on development and commercialization of later stage

"Shenzhen Pharmaceutial Factory"

A pharmaceutical manufacturer and exporter.

"SIBIA Neurosciences, Inc."

A neuropharmaceutical company that discovers and develops innovative drugs for disorders of the nervous system.


Independent generic drug manufacturer.

"Sigma Company Ltd"

Pharmaceutical manufacture, distribution and logistics.

"Sigma Pharmaceutical Group"

The Sigma Pharmaceutical Group offers pharmaceutical services and community healthcare in Australia and New Zealand. Our site has detailed information on drugs produced by Sigma along with health advice.

"Sigma Tau Group"

Italian pharmaceutical company.

"Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals"

Pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor developing or acquiring and making available products based on naturally-occurring substances that enhance the body's natural ability to maintain its health state.

"Signal Pharmaceuticals"

Integrated target & drug discovery company focused on identifying new classes of small molecule drugs.

"Sirius Pharmaceuticals"

Product range covers bulk actives drugs, intermediates finished dosage forms, and herbal extracts.Activities include vendor development, custom synthesis, merchant exports, and contract.

"Sitaram Saraf"

Manufactures and exports shellac and seedlac for use in cosmetics, food, and pharmaceuticals.

"SK Energy and Chemical"

Maunufacturers of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Also offers custom synthesis services, including making chiral products.

"Sky BioHealth Solutions, Inc."

Providing products and services for the symptoms of early aging and Fibromyalgia.

"SMR's Case Histories of Drug Discovery"

Society for Medicines Reseach symposium on Case Histories of Drug Discvery held on December 2, 1999 in London.

"Soft Gel Technologies, Inc."

Providing the natural products industry with soft gelatin encapsulation.


manufacturer of solanesol and tetrodotoxin(TTX)


Pharmaceutical manufacturer from Bulgaria. Fifteen drug categories. Medical substances. Phyto diet supplements, Tribestan, testosterone booster, sexual enhancement.

"SP Pharmaceuticals LLC"

Manufacturing small-volume parenteral drugs and developing new pharmaceutical products and formulas on a contract basis

"Strides Arcolab Limited"

Niche products in the pharmaceutical/nutriceutical industry.


Biotechnology company developing drugs to target the regulation of signal transduction pathways inside the body's cells.

"Surya Medicare, Ltd."

India's leading pharmaceutical manufacturer of sterile and oral range of beta lactum antibiotics (ampicillin, amoxicillin, cloxacillin).

"T.P.S., Inc."

Specializing in classical systemic mammialian toxicology, with an emphasis on high quality work, speedy report delivery, and competitive prices.

"Taiwan Panbiotic Laboratories Co.,Ltd"

Pharmaceutical manufacturer.

"Taiwan Tekho Camphor Co., Ltd."

Manufactures camphor derivatives, essential oils, as well as aromatic chemicals.

"TBCB Natural Herbs, Inc."

Retail and wholesale herbal products. Also importing pharmaceutical equipment.

"Techno Drugs & Intermediates Pvt. Ltd."

Manufacturers of bulk drugs and chemicals.

"Telluride Pharmaceutical Corporation -"

Developing medications to treat and arrest AIDS, Alzheimer's disease, cancer and infertility.

"The Pharmacy Webring"

Pharmacy related links

"The UK's Premier Natural Product Extractors and Liquid Pharmaceutical Manufacturers"

The UK's premier producer of natural, botanical and plant extracts for the food and drink, pharmaceutical and related industries and contract manufacturers of liquid pharmaceuticals.

"The Virtual Clinical Pharmacologist"

Access free programs to manage all aspects of anticoagulation andclinical pharmacokinetics. Multimedia medical CD-ROMs and clinical pharmacology and anticoagulation consultation are available. Multimedia medical lectures on line

"TheraTech, Inc."

Controlled-release pharmaceutical delivery system development and manufacturing company.

"TimTec, Inc."

Services include compounds for screening programs, building blocks and intermediates for organic synthesis, sample handling, mixtures, solutions, weighing, and custom synthesis.

"Tocris Cookson Inc."

Chemicals for neurochemistry and pharmacology.

"Uni-Pharma S.A."

Manufacturer of drugs and promoters of research.

"Unimed Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

Developing and markets prescription pharmaceutical products. Unimed Pharmaceuticals promotes two approved drug and is developing others targeted for the HIV/AIDS, endocrinology, and urology markets

"Universal Group"

Dyes intermediates, cosmetics and disinfectants

"University Compounding Pharmacy"

Custom made medications for impotence, arthritis, and hormone replacement.

"University Pharmaceuticals of Maryland, Inc."

Providing drug development, manufacturing, and evaluation services, integrated with training & regulatory affairs management


Drug development company for safer and more convenient delivery of known therapeutic agents.

"Vertex Pharmaceutical Ltd."

Engaged in manufacturing pharmaceutical products in tablets, capsules, dry syrups and oral liquid dosage forms.

"Victory Enterprises"

A company dedicated to the manufacture and conditioning of pharmaceutical products for human consumption and veterinary drugs.

"Virchow Laboratories"

We are one of the largest manufacturers of sulfamethoxazole, an essential ingredient in many lifesaving drugs and medicines. We also manufacture sodium methoxide, isoxamine and n-acetyl sulfanilyl chloride.

"Virtual Pharmacy"

Pharmacy, pharmacology, clinical pharmacology & toxicology links.

"Vision Pharmaceuticals"

Developers of Viva-Drops for dry eyes and Anti-Oxidant Skin Treatment.

"Vista Biologicals Corporation"

Production of animal cells, cell-derived products, & related contract research forthe chemical, pharmaceutical, & biotechnology industries

"Vitalink Pharmacy Services, Inc."

Provider of institutional pharmacy services

"Wallace Laboratories"

Developing and markets prescription drugs, including products for seasonal allergic rhinitis, coughs/colds, musculoskeletal pain, and epilepsy.


The company has developed a new tableting method which improves the quality and viability of lactic acid cultures more than 5-fold (prebiotics and probiotics), compared to standard methods.

"Wenzhou Pharmaceutical Factory"

Manufacturers of chemical synthetic medicines, antibiotics, food additives and more.

"Widetex Chemical Co., Ltd."

Taiwanese manufacturer of dyestuff chemicals, including disperse, reactive and solvent dyes; as well a bio-chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry. Plants in Taiwan and China.

"Wuxi C.S.I. Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd."

Producing antibiotics, synthetic chemicals, and preparations

"Xenex Laboratories Inc."

Primarily focused on the retail pharmaceutical and hospital sectors with an extensive range of compounding chemicals.

"Xenna Corporation"

Developing metabolic therapeutics for the treatment of cancers, as well as researching personal care products.

"Zhangjiagang Changyu Chemical Plant"

We are a chemical plant specializing in intermediates of pesticides, pharmaceuticals and dyes and have got the ISO9002 certificate and export license.


Instruments for pharmaceutical preparations - industrial, small laboratories and pharmacies.

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