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"A-L Compressed Gases"
Online resource for calibration gases, regulators, and accessories for portable and fixed systems.

"Advanced Extraction Technologies, Inc."

Technology licensing, engineering services and applied research company offering products that relate to treating, upgrading and processing of light hydrocarbon gases.

"Advanced Specialty Gases, Inc."

Offers high purity inert, fluorinated and hydrocarbon gases and gas mixtures. Site includes material safety data sheets for all products.

"Air Liquide Group"

International group specialised in industrial and medical gases (liquefied, compressed): industrial applications, services (distribution, maintenance, machines, equipment), information, financial news and job opportunities.

"Air Products"

Serving customer requirements of industrial, medical, and specialty gases along with welding, safety, and industrial supplies.

"Airgas, Inc. Home Page"

Distributing industrial, medical and specialty gases, welding machines, accessories and protective equipment.

"Alliance Gas Products"

Distributors and manufacturers of industrial, medical, and specialty gases, plus a full line of welding equipment, safety equipment, and industrial supplies.

"Andonian Cryogenics"

Manifacturing all type of Cryogenic equipment.

"Apex Welding Gases & Supplies, Inc."

A leading western Michigan industrial gas and welding supply distributor.

"Arc Gas Products"

Offering welding equipment & supplies for both industrial & specialty markets.

"BOC Gases - BOC Canada Limited"

Division of BOC Canada Limited - special gases, welding equipment and supplies.

"C.F.C. Reclamation and Recycling Service, Inc"

Providing reclamation services and recovery/recycling systems for high and low pressure HVAC/R applications.

"Carroll Industries Ltd."

Products and services include: hydrostatic testing and reconditioning of gas containers, welding supplies and industrial gases, and chlorine packaging

"Cee Kay Supply"

The largest independently owned supplier of industrial gases, welding equipment and supplies in the state of Missouri.

"Craft Engineering Belgium"

Specializing in the development and the construction of autonomous and mobileoxygen generators for medical, industrial and military usage.

"CvB Nitrogen Generation Systems"

Manufacturer of both mobile and stationary generators that produce nitrogen from the surrounding air.

"Differential Pressure Plus, Inc"

Offering universal differential pressure gauge system for air, gases, liquids and chemicals

"Epichem Ltd."

Manufactures a range of specialty chemicals and gases for the electronics and glass coating industries.

"Evap-Guard Sanitiser Capsules"

Slow release chemical sanitiser capsules to control bacteria and algae in evaporative air-conditioning systems.

"Gas Purification Engineering Corporation"

designing systems for removal of water, carbon dioxide, oxygenates, sulfur compounds from gases, solvents and liquefied petroleum gases.

"Hede Nielsen A/S"

Manufacturer of gases for industrial, medical and special purposes.

"Honghua Specialty Gases Co."

Manufacturer of SF6 and other flourine gases including CF4, F2, and NF3.

"Intergas Ltd"

Manufacturing a wide range of pure special gases, gravimetrically produced gas, liquid mixtures and associated control equipment.

"Inweld Corp."

Full line distributor of welding supplies and industrial gases specializing in high purity research gases and mixtures

"Jindal Vijaynagar Steel Ltd."

Manufacturing Corex Gas from the steel plant.

"Ningbo Mingxin Chemical Machinery Co. Ltd."

Producers of oxygen and acetylene cylinders, high pressure vessels, cryogenic tanks and cylinders, and glass-lined reaction vessels.

"Northey Technologies Ltd"

Oil free rotary compressors and side channel blowers. Specialists in gas handling.

"Nova Gas Technologies"

Gas mixtures and gas regulating equipment for Cymer lasers.

"Philip K. Widjaja"

Offers industrial gases, sweeteners, and chemicals.

"Physical and Chemical Properties Division"

Reference laboratory for measurements, standards, data, and models for the thermophysical and thermochemical properties of gases, liquids, and solids.


Providers of industrial gases, corrosive gases, specialty gases, and atmospheric gases along with surface technology in metallic and ceramic coatings.

"Proton Energy Systems Inc."

Manufacturer of on-site hydrogen generators (electrolyzers)that produce high purity gas at process pressure.

"Shanxian Chemical Co.,Ltd."

Years of experience in rubber processing chemical production and development,quality control,shipping and researches allows us to offer the most satisfactory products, the highest quality services, experts technical advice and competitive pricing.


Manufacturer of semiconductor specialty gases and emergency response equipment.

"Spec Air Specialty Gases"

Manufacturer of calibration, specialty, and analytical gases, with an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable cylinders.

"Spectra Gases"

The manufacture of rare, excimer laser, stable isotopic and environmental gases and gas mixtures.

"Spectra Gases, Inc."

Manufacturer of specialty gases and gas related products.

"Storage Control Sytems, Inc."

Atmosphere control specialists offering nitrogen generators, carbon dioxide and ethylene removal systems, gas analyzers, humidity and temperature sensors and controls.

"T.M. Electronics"

Suppliers of testing instruments to locate and measure gas leaks in medical and industrial products and packages.

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