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Nitrogen fertilizer producer in Europe.

"Adams Farm Supply"

Supplier of agricultural and horticultural maintenance and establishment products, including specialty fertilizers, chemicals, seed, and others

"Advanced Fertilizing Technology Pty Ltd"

Supplier of water saving polymers chelates surfactants and liquid fertilizers.

"Aero Agro Chemical Industries, Ltd."

Manufacturer of weedicides and herbicides in south east Asia.

"Agmor Inc."

The manufacturer of Neb, an agrochemical designed to help increase crop yields

"Agri-Cal Liquid Calcium"

A "calcium saturated chelating agent" that is a true solution. Agri-Cal flows easily through ordinary field spray equipment or irrigation systems.

"Agri-Gro Marketing, Inc."

A natural product promoting vigorous plant growth.

"Agrichemical and Environmental News Index"

Archive of a monthly report on pesticides and related environmental issues.

"agricultural chemical products from china"

We offer agricultural chemical products with best price.

"Agriculture Growers Research"

With chemical-free formulas for soil management, macro and micronutrients, and more.

"Agrimor Int'l Co."

An agrochemical company dealing with chemicals foragriculture in a variety of international markets. Agrimor is engaged in the development and marketing of crop protection products such as insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, miticides, and others.


Provides fertilizer products to a variety of customers in agricultural, industrial, speciality and export markets.

"AgriZap, Inc."

Rodent traps which humanely kill rats and mice. Environmentally friendly technology for Pest Control.

"Agro-K Corporation"

Manufacturer of biological and chemical agriculture products, including pesticides/fungicides and drug free/hormone free feed additives.

"AgroCan Corporation"

Specializes in manufacturing and distributing NPK fertilizers to China's fast-growing agricultural market. Its fertilizers are tailored made to suit crop, climate and soil conditions in different regions of China.


Search engines and link pages specialized in pest control and environmental management associations and resources as well as distributors, news, training and products.

"Algoflash America, Inc."

Sales of the Algoflash range of fertilizer products for garden and houseplants. Includes online ordering.

"All Natural Organic Lawn Care"

NutraGreen creates healthy soil which produces a healthy vibrant lawn. Help stop the chemical cycle that creates environmental problems


A company which produces a broad range of of halogenated organics and intermediates is produced for the pharmaceutical and agricultural chemistry.

"Alpine Plant Foods, Inc."

Manufactures liquid starter fertilizers, calcium and potassium for North American Agriculture.


Environmentally safe mosquito larvicide with methoprene, an insect growth regulator or IGR that interferes with a mosquitoes development.

"Art Wilson Co."

Art Wilson Co. - Specializes in soil conditioners and amendments such as gypsum, limestone, sulfur, organic matter (compost) and water soluble polymers.

"Aryan Pesticides Limited"

Engaged in the manufacture of intermediates used in the agrochemicals, dyestuffs and health care industries.

"Bengal Chemical, Inc."

Makes of Bengal Roach Spray.


Our organic products create stronger root systems, healthier plants and increase yield while reducing fertilizer needs.

"Boxelder Bug Elimination"

Boxelder bug elimination, boxelder bug biology.

"Burlington Corp."

Manufacturer of animal repellents, bittering agents and antimicrobials that is focused on the future, to anticipate the needs of its customers in all fields including the specialty chemical industries.

"Can Grow Inc."

A modern fluid fertilizer facility, is one of the most visible and most progressive independently owned fertilizer companies in South Western Ontario.

"Canadian Fertilizer Institute, The"

Representing manufacturers and wholesalers, and retail distributors of commercial fertilizers in Canada. Includes information relating to the fertilizer industry in Canada.

"Cargill Fertilizer"

Single source for a wide range of quality products and vertically integrated distribution services unprecedented in the fertilizer industry.

"Carpenterant Control"

Eliminate carpenter ants with good Integrated Pest Management procedures: baits, sprays, structural modification.

"Changyu Chemical Plant"

Producing chemical intermediates such as pesticide, medicine and dyestuff.

"Chemical Fertilizer Cyber Center"

FertiWorld - A Cyber Center dedicated to empower the chemical fertilizer industry with instant news and industry interaction

"China Hebei Huafeng Chemical Group"

Maker of rubber accelerator and pesticide. One of the biggest producer of thiram-ziram pesticide, fungicide, weedkiller, and dyes

"China North Chemical Industries Corp."

producers of propellants, pyrotechnics and chemical protection apparatus, cellulose and its derivatives, commercial explosives and blasting accessories, ethanolamine, activated carbon, and more.

"Cleveland Potash Limited"

Providers of top quality agricultural and chemical potash for markets across the globe.

"Collag Limited - Formulation Specialists"

A UK based pesticide formulation development and manufacturing company.

"Colonial Products"

is a pesticide company which introduces Ant Cafe, an ant bait station that kills ants.

"Coromandel Fertilisers Limited"

Manufacturers and exporters of agro chemicals, and fertilizers from India.

"CWC Chemical"

A distributor and manufacturer of herbicides.

"Diamond K Gypsum"

They specialize in mining and products processing for the agriculture, pharmaceutical and food industries.


A new way to purchase the products such as agricultural chemicals, seeds, and machine parts. It also allows access to information you need to farm today.

"Dow AgroSciences Canada"

Providing crop protection and plant genetic technology for agriculture, as well as products in forestry and urban pest management.

"Earth Chem, Inc."

Earth Chem product lines (SOILPAM and EarthBound) are used to control erosion, increase water infiltration, and enhance water retention.

"Ehrlich Chemical Company"

Chemical manufacturer of Pesticides and other repellants.

"Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited"

Pakistan's premiere fertilizer manufacturer.

"Even-Spray & Chemicals Ltd"

A distributor of agricultural/horticultural products.

"export agrochemicals:methomyl,pendimethalin,carbendazim,etc"

we are larger pesticide manufacturer in China,we export methomyl,carbendazim,pendimethalin,carbofuran,etc,Fax:+86-538-5826258

"Fate of Insecticides Used for Termite Control in Soil"

Providing information on effects of soil and chemical proerties affecting behavior of termiticides in soil.

"Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited"

A leading fertilizer manufacturing company with over 40% share of urea manufacturing and marketing in Pakistan.

"Fengle Pesticides"

a manufacturer of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, seed treatment, etc. in China

"Flies and Fly Control"

Fly elimination with non-chemical, fly baits, chemical, pheromone traps and sanitation.

"G. L. Industries (Eastern) Ltd."

Agrochemicals like weedicides, insecticides are available with other products in one of India's oldest agricultural chemicals company.

"Garrards Pesticides"

Distributors of pesticides, pumps and accessories.

"Gharda Chemicals Limited"

A leading manufacturer of agrochemicals like pesticides, weedicides, fungicides and intermediates, veterinary bulk drugs and high performance polymers.

"Goodwill Group, India"

Manufacturer and exporter of organic chemicals, dyes, intermediates, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides, from India

"Green Mountain Co. Ltd."

Products include pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, planting media, industrial chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

"Green Mountain Co., Ltd."

products include pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, planting media, industrialchemicals, and pharmaceuticals.


Hydroponic fertilizers that address the exact nutritional requirements of your specialty crops.

"H.J. Baker & Bro., Inc."

Producers of animal feeding supplements, organic and chemical fertilizers, sulphur, canned fish and vegetables.

"Helena Chemical Co."

Retail and wholesale sales of agricultural production products.

"IMC Global Internet"

A premier supplier of crop nutrients, animal feed ingredients, salt and specialty products for agriculture, home and industrial markets.

"India Industrie Chimiche SpA"

India Industrie Chimiche SpA produces and distributers chemical products for pest control and public health: pesticides, insecticides, larvicides, but also rodenticidal baits and concentrates, disinfectants for hospitals, farming and industrial hygiene.

"International Potash Company"

Exporter of potash fertilizers from Russia and Belarus.

"King Tech Corporation"

The leading exporter and manufacturer for agrochemical products in China. Involved in Herbicides, Regulators, Fungicides, Insecticides , Rodenticides etc.

"Lansdowne Chemicals Plc"

Manufacturer and distributor of chemicals for a range of customers, including the pharmaceutical, photographic, and printing industries.

"Lifa Srl"

Lifa is specialised in the production and packaging of products for agriculture and gardening: raticides, insecticides, snail killing baits, fungicides, fertilizers, grafting mastic and wax, rat tapping glue, entomologic glue.

"Live Earth Organic Fertilizer / Soil Conditioner"

Manufacturer of fertlizer for commercial growers and home gardeners worldwide.

"Luxembourg Industries"

Manufactures crop protection products, industrial and fine chemicals.

"Mississippi Chemical Corporation"

Manufacturer of fertilizers with all three primary crop nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

"Nanogens International (Europe)"

A compendium of information on pesticides.

"Olympic Horticultural Products"

Manufactures insecticides and fertilizers like Azatin, Decathlon, and Triact 70 among many others.

"Pest Management"

Manufacturer of safe and environmental friendly pesticides and plant growth promoter for professional and general use.

"Pestcon Systems, Inc."

Pest control partner in agricultural, urban, and industrial areas, specializing in fumigation products and supplies, and commercial application services.

"Pesto Services, Vapi"

Pesto Servcies (Vapi) are pest control professionals based in Vapi, India offering a variety of pest control services since 1988.

"Poison in the Grass"

Explores the hazards and possible consequences of lawn pesticide use, with alternatives suggested.

"Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan"

Commercial producer of nitrogen, phosphate and potash in Canada

"PowerRich Corporation"

Power Rich produces a complete nutrient fertilizer.

"Processed Gypsum Products Australia"

Offers Gypsum which is 100% natural and will increases crop quality, yields and improve soil structure. Hi-Ag, Turf-Gyp, Micro-Gyp products benefit a wide range of agricultural enterprises.

"Product Information for Pest Control"

Website for online ordering of safe and easy to use pesticides. Free support on how to apply the products.

"Productos Químicos del Mediterráneo S.A. (Proquimed)"

A Spanish company producing caprolactam, hexanediol, cyclohexanone, ammonium sulphate, and liquid fertilizers.

"Professional Pest Control Products"

Here you can find any type of insecticide, herbicide, fungicide, rodenticide, trap, sprayer, etc. to solve any kind of pest problem.

"Raasi Neem Products (India) Ltd."

Manufacturer & exporter of Neem products Azadirachtin, oil & and cake. Eco-friendly pesticides and fertilizers in agriculture and gardens

"Renaissance Fertilizers"

Fertilizers for lawns and gardens, commercial lawn and garden maintanence, golf courses and used by organic farmers.

"Rohm and Haas Agricultural Chemicals, North America"

This home page gives access to items of interest to Agricultural Chemicals personnel.

"Samsung Fine Chemicals for Agriculture"

Produces many agricultural chemicals


Largest manufacturer of agrochemicals in the People's Republic of China.

"Sanonda Agrochemicals, Pty., Ltd."

Australian company offers herbicides and insecticides to support high yields and improved efficiency in agriculture.

"SciReg Inc."

Scientific, regulatory, and quality assurance consulting firm assisting clients in the pharmaceutical, pesticide, animal health, and chemical industries.


Snake repellent used by professionals, repels poisonous and non-poinsonous snakes.

"SSI Maxim Co., Inc., Kilgore, Texas"

Manufacturer and supplier of granular non-crop bareground herbicides.

"Strike Professional Midge Control"

Insect growth regulator with methoprene eliminates filter flies in wastewater, trickling filters, sludge beds and ponds.


A high purity horticultural mineral oil / crop oil used as a biodegradable fungicide and insecticide in integrated pest management programs.

"Te Li Composite Industrial Enterprise & Chemical Fac."

produces pesticide and rodenticide treatment products.

"Terra Resource Center"

Terra Industries Inc. is a marketer and producer of nitrogen fertilizer, crop protection products, seed and services for farmers.

"The Fertilizer Institute"

TFI is the trade association representing the fertilizer industry.

"Tide International Co., Ltd."

manufacturing, processing and trading internationally varieties of agrochemicals, including pesticide, fungicide, herbicide and plant growth regulator.

"Trace Chemicals Inc"

Trace Chemicals LLC offers a wide array of products to aid farmers in raising healthy crops, whether it be corn, cotton, soybeans, or small grains

"Turf Formula"

Used in seeding, sprigging, and sodding turf grass. It is a product of Agri-Gro Marketing, Inc.

"USGS Pesticide National Synthesis Project"

Containing pesticide use maps, facts, and other informative resources.


A US manufacturer of agro-chemicals.

"Vitech Industries, Inc."

Provided leading edge technology products directed at the advancement of soil andplant nutrition


Dedicated to the worldwide trade of chemical, organic and mineral products as well as raw materials for agricultural purposes

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