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"A Brite Company"
Manufacture and equipment supplier of metal finishishing products for the plating industry.

"Advanced Chemical Company"

Specialized in the refining of precious metals from the jewelry and electronics industries, and the manufacture and servicing of precious metal electroplating chemistries.

"Alvin Products Inc."

Manufacturer of metal repair and finishing compounds for metalworking-related industries.

"Aotco Metal Finishing Company"

Plating finishes include gold, electroless nickel, silver, rhodium, tin, cadmium, chrome, anodizing on standard materials as well as titanium, beryllium and others.

"Benchmark Products, Inc."

Supplier to the metal finishing industry, ISO 9002 certified.

"Biosan Laboratories, Inc."

Manufacturer and distributor of microbiological test kits for water treatment, metalworking, food, and clinical applications. Also, provider of laboratory services.

"Bright Works, Inc."

Metal refinishing equipment and supplies, including how-to book and video on metal polishing and buffing.

"Circle Prosco, Inc."

provider of specialty chemicals to the metal coating and finishing industries.

"D.A. Stuart Company"

manufactures metal-working fluids

"Dico Products Corp."

Manufacturer of packaged buffing supplies for metal polishing.


industrial chemical company serving the metal finishing industry

"Electro Polish Systems"

worldwide supplier of electropolishing solutions, cleaners and electropolishing equipment.

"Frank Youngman Co."

Manufactures representatives and distributors of metal finishing equipment and supplies.

"Frank Youngman Co."

manufactures representatives and distributors of metal finishing equipment and supplies

"Global Stainless Technology"

offers equipment and electrochemicals used in two-tank polishing process.


Inorganic and organometallic chemistry

"Heatbath-Park Metallurgical"

Supplier of metal finishing and heat treating products and technology.

"Industrial Metal Spraying"

Chemical coating for aluminum extrusions, windows, railings, doors, motorcycles and ornamental metal.

"International Marking Group"

makers of electro-chemical marking and etching equipment and supplies.

"Jarchem Industries"

Manufacturer, marketer and distributor of linear and branched chain alcohols, esters, acids, specialty monomers, speciality derivatives, personal care and lubrication products

"MABCO Systems Inc."

manufacturer of automated hoist control systems for the metal finishingindustry.

"Separations Science for Environmental Remediation"

Material related to heavy metal chelation from wastewater or jet fuel and the separation of oil from bilge water.

"Solvite Chemical Company"

Manufacturer & Distributor of Chemicals for the Metalworking Industry

"Southwest Metal Finishing Supply Co."

manufacturer of polishing compounds, buffing wheels, and other metal finishing supplies

"Vall-Mon's High Energy Metal Finishing"

Manufacturer of centrifugal barrel finishers, vibratory finishers, tumblers, sand blasters, abrasives, finishing medias, plastics, ceramics, steel shot, porcelain, additives and compounds.

"Wah Chang"

Manufactures specialty metals and chemicals including hafnium, niobium, titanium, vanadium, zirconium and silicon tetrachloride materials and zirconium and hafnium chemicals.

"WAL Inc."

Specialists in inorganic trace metal analysis by GDMS, ICP, SSMS, & XRAY for the environmental, construction, high-purity metals and manufacturing industries.

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