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"Aar Aar Enterprises"
Indenting agents for exports and imports of organic and inorganic chemicals, bulk drugs, drug intermediates, dyes, dye intermediates, food chemicals, feed chemicals, perfumery chemicals, essential oils, fragrances.

"Accepta Specialty Water Treatment Chemicals"

International Supplier of high quality water and wastewater treatment chemicals, speciality chemicals, water test kits, reagents, testing, analysis, dosage and control equipment.

"Aderco Chemical Products Inc."

ADERCO is an international supplier of industrial fuel additives.

"Adhesives and Sealants for the HVAC Industry"

Leading manufacturing of all your sealant and adhesive products for the HVAC industry.

"Advance Scientific & Chemical, Inc."

Distributor of small and bulk quantities of chemicals, glassware, pharmaceuticals, science kits and instruments.

"Advanced Lubrication Technologies"

Shipping synthetic lubricants worldwide, for all applications, from quarts to barrels.

"Aleppo Pharmaceutical Industries Company"

Manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceutical products.

"Alken-Murray Corporation"

Chemicals for cooling towers and boilers; microbial products for water and wastewater treatment, and odor control; and fuel additives.

"Almira Inc."

We deal with wholesale trading of chemical raw materials.


Importer of Indian pigments, dyes, food colors, and raw materials for the coatings industry.

"American Chemical & Equipment Company"

Distribution of zinc, chromates, aluminium, phosphates, and auto wax products

"American Sales Inc."

American Sales and Distribution Services is a broad based supplier of materials for both flexible packaging and non-packaging applications

"Antec, Inc. - Chemicals and Laboratory Supplies"

Antec Inc sells and ships any amount of any chemical to any location.


Distributors of raw materials for resins, flame retardants, inorganic acids, solvents, and other chemicals/additives.

"Apex Medical Corp./ Chempak (Australia)"

Suppliers of: pill splitters, pill pulverisers, self help aids, arthritic aids, dose sets, medication planners, medisets, liquid medication aids, dry medication aids, pill organisers, pill reminders and much more.

"Apodan A/S"

Develops, produces and distributes pharmaceutical packagings, pharmaceutical chemicals and health care products.

"Arakawa Chemical (USA), Inc."

A leading supplier of high-quality chemical products.

"Arianna International, Inc."

We are an International wholesaler of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies from the U.S., Canada and Europe to destinations through-out the world

"Austin Chemical Company, Inc."

Serving the pharmaceutical, agricultural and specialty chemical industries, supplying raw materials from investigational to commercial levels.

"B&B Custom Circuit Supplies"

Specializing in refurbished circuit equipment around the world including supplies and chemicals.

"Baddley Chemicals, Inc."

Independent, family-owned manufacturer and distributor of laboratory chemicals.

"Bencorp International -"

Bencorp International Ltd. is a USA based chemical import, export and distribution company.

"Benman Industries Inc"

Distributors of building maintenance chemicals, equipment and supplies.

"BEYO Chemical Co., Ltd."

leading manufacturer and exporter of fine chemicals, flavors, photo initiators, absorbers and intermediates in China

"BIO Chemical Industries, Inc. -"

Manufacturer and distributor of commercial and industrial chemicals and engineering, housekeeping, and air conditioner maintenance products.

"Brown & Forth Chemical Distributors"

Providing a service to many blue chip companies and offer unparalleled service to our customers.

"Brown Chemical Co., Inc"

Chemical distributor servicing the greater NY metropolitan area.

"Buon Vino Manufacturing"

Manufacturers and distributors of wine making filters, equipment, chemicals and accessories for semi-commercial and home use.

"Calmags GmbH"

Offers nearly every Calcium and Magnesium compound with very short delivery times.


We source and supply fine chemicals and ingredients worldwide.

"Carroll Industries Ltd."

Carroll Industries Ltd is a group of related companies operating in Abilene, Texas since 1948.

"Ceekam Organics"

a Marketing Arm of leading Bulk Drugs & Intermediates manufacturers of India.

"Changje Trading Co., Ltd."

Offers customers worldwide with fine and specialty chemicals.

"Chemax, Inc."

A specialty surfactant additives supplier worldwide.


South African company distributing imported industrial and speciality chemicals and exporting organic chemicals.

"chemical manufacturer and trader in china"

a leading chemical manufacturer and trader in china. like to find partner to cooerate

"China Pharmaceuticals, China Fine Chemicals & Drug Intermediates"

China pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, drug intermediates and bulk drugs for export from China. Sincer Pharmchem is a team with more than 10 years experience in pharmaceutical international marketing.


Importer and supplier of all kind of paint stuff and its raw material for Korean market.

"Clarkson Laboratory & Supply Inc. -"

Supplies laboratory equipment, chemicals and solutions.Chemical analysis also performed.

"Commercial Supplies"

Offering industrial and specialty chemicals.

"Cooper Mill Ltd"

Distributor of biological and chemical products for insect and vegetation management.Special emphasis on insect pheromones and monitoring tools.

"D&E Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

D&E is one of the few companies permitted by license to distribute Ephedrine products. An over-the-counter (OTC) non-prescription product for Asthma sufferers,Allergy, Hay Fever, and Cold & Flu.

"Dalian Inter-Chemie Co. ,Ltd. a leading manufacturer and exporter of various kinds of chemicals in C"

one of the leading exporters of various kinds of chemicals in China, After tens of years of business in this scope, we have established long standing cooperation with a lot of reliable Chinese chemical plants, and we are providing their products to the worldwide customers.

"DF Goldsmith Chemical & Metal Corp"

Distiller, supplier, distributor of mercury, inorganic chemicals and precious metals.

"Dipchem Industries"

Manufacturers representatives, suppliers, and exporters of pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

"Durr Marketing Associates"

Distributor of specialty raw materials to industry.

"E-Com Plastics"

Distributor of industrial plastics, custom manufacturer, and maker of business literature holders and display frames.

"ENPRO - Energy Profesionals"

Manufacturer of recuperative impulse burners and over radiation burners, drying devices, heavy fuel, gasoline and diesel fuel additives, corrosion inhibitors, noxious emission diminishing

"Equipment Outlet, Inc. -"

Manufacturer and distributors of pressure cleaners and accessories.Also sells generators, holding tanks, go carts, and chemical sprayers.

"Erdo Pharma Pharmaceutical Consulting and Servicing"

A new pharmaceutical consulting and servicing company physically located in Hungary with international reputation and activity.

"Exclusive Air-Conditioning"

Products range from cooling tower control systems to biocidal chemicals for eliminating bacteria and viruses that can build up in evaporative type air conditioning systems.

"Farmacie Petrone Pharmaceuticals Supply"

Pharmaceuticals import export wholesale company. Supplies a wide range of pharmaceutical products and international export items. Worldwide partnerships for products registration and marketing from abroad to Europe and vice versa.

"FBC Chemical Corporation"

Distributor of organic solvents, epoxy resins, hardeners, industrial lubricants, and many other chemicals.

"Fischer diffusion sarl"

MORFOAM® \nMORMETAL \nEXOFOAM \nEndothermic muti-component foaming systems \nChemical foaming agents \nChemical nucleating agents \nBlowing agents \nReady-to-use metal compounds \nReady-to-use expandable compounds \nCross-linked EVA, SBS, etc. \netc.

"Foosung Tech Corporation"

A Korea based chemical importor, exportor, and distributor.

"Garrards Pesticides"

Distributors of pesticides, pumps and accessories.

"George Uhe Co."

Suppliers of raw material ingredients to develop and manufacture flavor and fragrance, pharmaceutical, medical, nutritional, animal health, personal care, cosmetic, dental and oral hygiene products

"Guill-Bern Corporation"

A leading distributor in the Philippines for Laboratory, Industrial, Environmental, and Hospital Equipment & Chemicals.

"Harcros Chemicals"

Distributor and manufacturer of commodity and specialty chemicals.

"Hawkins Chemical, Inc."

Formulator, manufacturer, blender, distributor, and sales agent for industrial chemicals and reagent grade laboratory chemicals.

"High Purity Supplies, Inc."

Distributor of critical flow components for the semiconductor and bio-pharmaceutical industries. Including mass flow controllers, pressure transducers, and chemical valves.

"Intas Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Company"

pharmaceutical and healthcare products

"Interflux USA, Inc. Products and Services"

Mfg. and distribution of chemicals used in the electronics assembly processes (ISO 9001 certified).

"International Petrochemicals (Pvt) Ltd"

importer, exporter, distributor and agent of Petrochemicals.

"International Specialty Chemicals"

Manufacturer's representative and stocking distributor of fine specialty chemicals.

"Isochem International, Pte., Ltd."

Offering environmentally professional manteinence products.

"J.C. Carpet Services"

Distributors of Bison portable steam machines, vacuums, carpet dyeing and cleaning chemicals.

"Jarchem Industries"

Manufacturer, marketer and distributor of linear and branched chain alcohols, esters, acids, specialty monomers, speciality derivatives, personal care and lubrication products

"Jensen Inert Products"

Manufacturer/distributor of chemically resistant products made of teflon and other inert materials for sample collections, distillation, processing and storage.


Mmanufacturer and distributor of agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyestuffs, organic and inrganic raw materials, and fluoride

"K.R. Anderson Co., Inc."

Distributor of silicone, solder and epoxies.

"Karlshamns AB"

Karlshamns is one of the world's four leading producers of advanced vegetable specialityfats.


Distributor, service provider and consultant for dust suppression systems and chemicals.Also an insurance broker for engineering and construction.

"Kendall and Son"

Exclusive distributor of K and K chemicals and other specialty items.

"Lansdowne Chemicals Plc"

Manufacturer and distributor of chemicals for a range of customers, including the pharmaceutical, photographic, and printing industries.

"Latina, Inc."

Imports castor oil-based chemicals for the coatings, lubricants, urethanes, friction, and pharmaceutical industries.

"Linkers (Far East) Pte Ltd"

Distributes and trades industrial chemicals and plastic raw materials.

"Long Wing Trading (U.S.A.), Inc."

Marketing and sales of pharmaceutical raw materials, chemicals, intermediates, food and feed additives as well as herbal products.

"Madina International"

International Trades into a wide range of Industrial Chemicals and Raw materials as per demand of its customers. The Cooperation it has established with customers and companies, permits to offer advanced services to its clients. Madina International has throughout the years successfully served its customers. The success of our company is primarily due to the diverse and personal service that offer.


Specialist importers and worldwide distributors of plastics, chemicals and non-woven fabrics.

"Marlowe-Van Loan Corp."

Manufacturer and distributor of chemicals and dyes for and to the textile industry.

"Mays Chemical"

Offers products for automotive, pharmaceutical, and more.

"Medical Chemical Corporation"

Manufacturer and distributor of laboratory reagents, chemicals, germicides and test kits. Offices in Califonia and New Jersey.

"Mega Trading Co., Ltd."

is growing up as expert in the trading specially chemicals product.

"Millennium Inorganic Chemicals"

Supplier of titanium and other inorganic products.

"MILSOLV Companies"

A regional chemical distributer and TSD facility serving Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Northern Indiana and the Dakotas.

"National Fireproofing Co."

Manufacturing and distributing of fire retardant coatings for commercial and residential applications.

"Northeast Fireshield, Inc."

Distributor of fire retardant chemicals and flame proof penetrants.

"Oncology Supply"

Oncology Supply, a wholly owned division of ASD Specialty Healthcare, is one of the largest nationwide distributors of oncology products, pharmaceuticals and practice management solutions.

"Orchidia Promotions, CIBA Vision sole distributor located in Cairo - Egypt."

marketing office with extensive experience in pharmaceuticals.

"Oxford Polymers"

Specialty manufacturer and distributor of a variety of engineering-grade resins based in Middletown, Connecticut.

"Oxiteno S/A Indústria e Comércio"

Brazilian petrochemical company, producing and distributing ethylene oxide and derivatives to countries all over the world.

"Partner Chemicals"

Importers, exporters and distributors of a variety of chemical products.

"PB&S Chemical Company, Inc. -"

An industrial and municipal chemical distributor, custom chemical blender and compressed gas packager.

"Pinnacle Pharmaceutics"

Canadian distributors of pharmacy products, vitamins, pregnancy tests.

"Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association (PACIA) of Australia"

Represents manufacturers, importers, and distributors of chemicals, petrochemicals, adhesives, sealants, and plastics.

"Post Apple Scientific, Inc."

Distributes laboratory chemicals and supplies.

"Precision Dynamics, Inc."

Distributor of synthetic lubricants and solvents for lime and scale removal.

"Prime Alliance"

Distributor of resin products.

"Quadrimex chimie"

European distributor of basic chemical products

"Quality Chemical Products from R.W. Greeff and Co."

global importer and distributor of fine chemicals,pharmaceuticals, industrial, intermediates, nutritional, as well as personal care and cosmetic chemicals

"Quem Commercial Inc."

Distributor of resins, pigments, additives, driers, solvents and fillers.

"RAMM Global"

Export distribution and marketing of engineered castings, ingot molds, metals, chemicals, and groceries.

"RDI World Online"

RDI is your one stop source for brand and generic pharmaceuticals, respiratory medications and equipment, products for sleep disorders, and homehealth equipment. Respiratory Distributors Inc. "It's all about getting air."

"Renard Paper Company, Inc."

Distributor of industrial paper supplies, and maintenance, janitorial, and chemical products. Also provides disposable food service products.


Global distributor of plastic, rubber and chemical raw materials.

"RxUSA International, Inc."

An international pharmacy serving physicians, hospitals, clinics and patients worldwide. We are distributors of USA-FDA approved medications, drugs, medical equipment and supplies, and accessories.

"Sama Impex, Ltd."

Sama impex Ltd is a leading company in the distribution and trading of high quality pharmaceutical substances and has a thorough understanding of the requirements of the global pharmaceutical industry.


The company has focused on development, marketing,and support ofhigh-quality, high performance, desktop scientific application and molecular modeling software products.

"Shanghai Apollo-Fudan High-Tech. Industry Co., Ltd."

As a source of Pyruvate series products and other chemicals, we provide our customers with qualified raw materials, such as Calcium Pyruvate, Ethyl Pyruvate, Pyruvic Acid and more.

"SHH Company, LTD. -"

Manufacturing and distributing a wide range of chemical products for a wide variety of industries.

"Showa Pk Co., Ltd."

Japanese distributor of potassium cyanate.

"Simmons Chemical Corporation Stocking Distributor -"

Specializing in products for: electronic assembly,printed circuit board fabrication, precision cleaning and plating.

"Sinoway Industrial Co., Ltd."

specialized supplier of China origin inorganic chemicals esp. Titanium Dioxide, Chrome Oxide Green, Chrome Yellow and other chemicals.

"Smith Group, The"

Distributor of specialty chemicals, including silicones, urethanes and epoxies

"Soctech SA"

Manufacturer of refined naphthenic acids and their derivatives, dryers and additives for paint varnishes and rubber, stearates, oleates and fuel additives,stearine, oleine, distilled fatty acids, copper naphthenate

"Solvent Innovation GmbH"

Offering services in the field of catalysis and organic synthesis, especially the synthesis and distribution of innovative solvents such as "Ionic Liquids".

"Solvite Chemical Co."

Manufacturer and distributor of chemicals for metalworking and metalforming.

"Steve Weiss & Co., Inc."

Supplier of chemicals and raw materials to the pharmaceutical industry.

"Superfos Chemicals"

Sale and distribution of food ingredients raw materials and chemical products.

"TCI America"

International distributor and manufacturer of fine organic chemicals for research, pharmaceutical, and synthesis applications.

"TeleChem International, Inc"

Distributing a variety of food, technical, and agricultural grade chemicals to a global client base.

"Tilley Chemical Co. - Baltimore, MD"

Regional chemical distributor

"TR-Metro Chemicals"

Distributor and exporter of ethanol in the Northeastern United States.

"Transchem Inc."

Manufacturers and distributors of car and truck wash chemicals - soaps, waxes, foaming and drying agents, tire cleaners and rust inhibito

"Transworld Tradex"

An international trading organisation exports & imports disposal syringes, surgical instruments, wrist watches, rice, processed sheep skin, goat skins, buff skins, garments, denim clothes, minor minerals, barite, feldspars, quartz, granite, mica, chrome ore, iron ore, magnize ore, medicines, drugs, vaccines, guillotine capsules, rock phosphate lump, powder, anhydrous liquid ammonia fertiliser grade, phosphate acid, Sulphur, calcium cyanamid, sodium nitrate, benzene, neptha, petro chemicals from india

"Ultra Chemicals, Inc."

Manufacturer and distributor of raw material to the personal care and cosmetic industries.

"V. L. Clark Chemical"

V.L.Clark Chemical is an importer and regional distributor of commodity and specialty chemicals.

"Van Waters & Rogers Inc."

Nationwide chemical distributor for industrial markets.

"VL Clark Chemical Co."

V.L.Clark Chemical is an importer and regional distributor of commodity and specialty chemicals.

"Würth USA, Inc."

Supplier of fasteners, chemical products, shop supplies, electrical products,clips, hose, clamps, assortments, storage racks, and bins for the automotive industry.

"WATEC, Incorporated"

Specialists in water management, analysis, purification training, engineering, and consulting. Distributors of chemical free water treatment.

"West China International Sodium Sulfide Information Network"

Direct sales agency for Chinese sodium sulfide manufacturers in the international market.

"Wildcat Chemicals"

Manufacturers, distributors and custom formulators of high performance specialty chemicals.

"Wurth Canada Limited"

Distributor fasteners, chemicals, body shop supplies, carpentry and building supplies.

"Xenex Laboratories Inc."

Primarily focused on the retail pharmaceutical and hospital sectors with an extensive range of compounding chemicals.

"Xian Chemical Import Export Corporation"

Suppliers of chemicals including solvent dyes, water treatment chemicals, xanthanes, molybdenum disulfide etc.

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