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"Air Products"
Serving customer requirements of industrial, medical, and specialty gases along with welding, safety, and industrial supplies.

"Alaqua, Inc."

Designs and manufactures evaporators and crystallizers for the food and dairy and chemical processing industries.

"Arnold Equipment Company"

Specializing in buying and selling used equipment and machinery for the chemical and related processing industries

"Associated Rubber Company"

A full service custom mixer and tread rubber manufacturer

"Broadax Systems Inc."

BSI Computers manufactures quality portable rugged computers and rackmount servers for industrial and military applications and industries.

"Cal Poly Chemical and Biological Warfare Page"

Providing an overview of warfare, weapons, and efforts to outlaw them.

"CAMMDA Corporation"

Innovative dispensing and packaging solutions for a range of industrial materials including adhesives, sealants, epoxies, silicones, urethanes, and acrylics. Custom packaging, dispensing equipment, and dispensing components for automated and manual systems. Buy online through our secure e-commerce purchasing section.

"Camp Sibert Chemical Warfare Materiel Investigation"

Investigation for chemical warfare materiel is being conducted at this former military facility in Gadsden, Alabama.

"Chem Systems Inc."

Developers of custom chemical mixing, storage and feed equipment.

"Chem-Flow, Inc."

Manufacturing chemical feed systems.

"Chemi Therm"

Designing and supplying agitators, reactors, heat exchangers and mixers to the chemical industry.

"Chemical Plants - Rollechim Impianti S.p.A."

Rollechim Impianti S.p.A. is an engineering company supplying plants and plant equipment for the chemical and petrochemical industry

"Chengda Chemical Engineering Coporation"

Designing process and production equipment and facilities for the chemical industry.


Sales and service of Chlorinators, chemical feed equipment and metering pumps, and safety equipment.

"Dolzan Impianti"

Vertical packaging machines for food and non food products in granular, powdery and liquid form Vacuum packaging machines for coffee, rice, peanuts and similar products

"EC Chemical Technologies (S) Pte Ltd"

EC Chemís core business is in the design and implementation of plants for specialty chemical, oleochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

"FlashTube - Advanced Flash Chromatography and Parallel Purification"

FlashTube chromatography is a novel, patented (US patent 6,423,220) concept for rapid and efficient purification of chemical libraries. \nFlashTubes are made of polyethylene and are packed with TLC silica 6-35Ķm containing a fluorescence indicator. \nFlashTubes: put parallel purification in the hands of every synthetic chemist, minimize time needed for purification, allow more than 25 separations per hour, reduce solvent use, can be used for all type of compounds, uses up to five times less solvent than normal chromatography, pre-packed with silica.

"Gold Coast Equipment Company"

Specializing in marketing, consulting, and appraising pharmaceutical equipment.

"GS Manufacturing"

Producing equipment for chopper guns, fiberglass reinforcement plastics, resin transfer molding systems, spray finishing systems, gel coater, pump catylist, silicones, epoxies.

"Houston Boilerworks"

Provides a specialized service to chemically remove scale deposits from the internal passages of boilers, piping, and heat exchange equipment.

"Indian Springs Specialty Products Inc."

Producer of HazMat safety equipment including protective clothing, SCBA, gas detection and training devices.


Source of new and surplus chemical process equipment.

"MeDia Diagnostics"

Clinical analysis laboratory's products: haematological solutions for all analyzers and all reagents for clinical chemistry, coagulation, electrophoresis, latex, blood groups, thermal paper.

"Mendoza Diagnostics"

We provide vibration analysis to operators of rotating machinery in any industry. We also provide complete field balancing services and a specialized training program.


Offers a complete line of refractometers including handheld, digital, and laboratory.

"Modcon Systems"

Modcon Systems specializes in performing process control automation, instrumentation and analyzer projects with turn-key delivery, support and training, since 1975. \nModcon Systems is a key player in: \n* Process Analysis \n* Process Control \n* Measurement Technologies \n* Environmental Control

"Optical Solutions, Inc."

Optical Solutions, Inc. provide fiber optic filter photometers, diode array spectrophotometers and sample probes for use in the UV/VIS/NIR.


Custom design and manufacture of chemical processing and recycling equipment.

"pH Europe Ltd"

Distributors of intermediate bulk containers (IBC), pallet boxes and portable containment systems. Supported by tracking, transport, cleaning and maintenance services.

"Phase Dynamics, Inc."

Produces oil and chemical analyzers including water cut, low cut, high cut, column scan and produce-based analyzers.

"Porter Company"

Makes Safetycase, a chemical containment system made to customer specifications.

"R. Simon (Dryers) Limited"

Manufacture industrial dryers and coolers for the food and chemical industries.

"Resin Kit"

Plastics resin analysis kits.

"Sampling Systems by PMMI, Inc"

Offer liquid and gas sampling systems.

"Senzors - Bringing advanced technology to pressure sensors"

Senzors is a high technology company that designs, manufactures and markets high-technology pressure sensors, level transmitters, pressure transducers and transmitters for a wide variety of applications including the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

"Simionato SpA"

specialized in a production of alimentary industry machines: bread counters, check weighers, feeding and handling systems, various fil seal machines, peace counters, toys dispensers, volumetric auger and cup dosers.

"Special Projects International"

Special Projects International, Inc. buys, sells, brokers, and consigns quality used food and chemical process equipment,

"Winters Instruments"

International manufacturer of pressure and temperature instrumentation, including, pressure gauge, switches, transmitters, thermometers, etc.

"Yokota Manufacturing Co., Ltd."

Manufacturers Chemical pumps, Degassing equipment, Defoaming equipment, Self-priming pumps, Slurry pumps, Non-water hammer check valves, Automatic control valves, Anti-corrosion stainless steel, Seawater-resistant stainless steel.

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