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"Alliant Techsystems Propellant"
military grade ammunition propellant and energetics.

"Alpha Explosives"

A Dyno Nobel distributor.

"BCRA Explosives User Group"

British Cave Research Association


Offering processes and plants fornitration, hydrogenation, gas/liquid, and explosives.

"Chemza a.s."

High explosives based on hexogen RDX, octogen HMX \nRDX - type I, II \nRDX + wax = Composition A ( A3, A4, A5 ) \nRDX + TNT = Composition B \nRDX + binding agent = Composition C \nHMX - type A, B \nHMX + TNT

"China North Chemical Industries Corp."

producers of propellants, pyrotechnics and chemical protection apparatus, cellulose and its derivatives, commercial explosives and blasting accessories, ethanolamine, activated carbon, and more.

"Composition A"

Composition A is a wax-coated, granular explosive consisting of TDX and plasticizing wax. Five varieties of composition A have been developed and designated as composition A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4 and A-5.

"Composition B"

Composition B consists of castable mixtures of RDX and TNT; in some instances, desensitizing agents are added to the mixture.

"Composition C"

Composition C is a plastic demolition explosive consisting of RDX, other explosives, and plasticizers. It can be molded by hand for use in demolition work and packed by hand into shaped charge devices

"Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine (RDX)"

Also referred to as cyclonite, or hexogen, RDX is a white crystalline solid usually used in mixtures with other explosives, oils, or waxes; it is rarely used alone

"Dyno Industries"

Maker of commercial explosives, specialty chemicals, and microparticles.

"Electric detonators"

The site of Impulse, producers of electric and non-electric blasting caps from the Ukraine

"Elephant Black Powder"

offers specialty detonators, detonating cord, high explosive powders and various types of fuse.


Industrial explosives manufacturer in Bulgaria.

"Energetic Solutions"

offers explosives systems and products for surface or underground mining, quarrying, or construction.

"Energy Dynamics Division"

engineering, design, and production of explosives, propellants, and pyrotechnic actuated devices.

"Ensign-Bickford Company"

Designs, manufactures and markets non-electric explosive initiation systems.

"EOD Technology Inc"

assessment, remediation, cleanup and disposal of unexploded ordnance, explosives, and chemical weapons.

"ETI Canada Inc."

North American explosives manufacturer, distributor, and blasting service company supplying the metal mining, quarry, construction, oil and gas exploration, coal, and material management industries.

"ETI; commercial explosive products and providers of blasting services"

A North American explosives manufacturer, distributor, and blasting service company. Makers of Tovex.

"Explosive Materials"

Potentially Unstable, Peroxidized or Shock Sensitive Chemicals

"Explosive Technologies Group"

Explosive components designs, develops and characterizes explosive, propellant and pyrotechnic components

"Explosives at Los Alamos National Laboratory"

Offers researchers access to over 50 user facilities for conducting research and development

"Explosives Limited"

Supplying both packaged and bulk explosive products to the Mining, Quarry, Seismic and Construction industries. Canada

"GOEX, Inc."

Produces black powder for small arms, fireworks, safety fuses, mining, and the military.

"Ideal Supply, Inc."

offers a complete line of blasting tools and supplies.

"Institute of Explosives Engineers"

Information on its purpose and membership.

"Institute of Makers of Explosives"

IME is the safety association of the commercial explosives industry in the United States and Canada

"Intercontinental Development Corporation, Inc."

Intercontinental Development Corporation/Precision Blasting Services, Inc. (IDC-PBS) offers products and services for today's blasting industry.

"International Development Corporation"

manufacturer and seller of explosive emulsions, blasting equipment, and supplies.

"ISEE Homepage"

International Society of Explosives Engineers

"KNJ Dion"

Hang-up blasting device for ore and waste passes

"Koryo Explosives Co. Ltd."

Makers of EMULAN,KINEX,PRILLIT Detonating Cord NPED and KONEL


Lubrizol is a leading supplier of PIBSA based invert emulsifiers for use in the production of emulsion explosives.

"Mining Service International"

The Company's primary products and services include the manufacture, licensing and supply of commercial mining explosives

"NEL Analytical Environmental Labs"

specializing in GLP residue studies, explosives and chemical analyses,environmental testing and EPA compliance analyses.


We are producer of TNT, DNT, PETN, RDX, HMX, explosive mixtures, bombs, mines, mining boosters...


TNT, RDX, PETN, Ammonium nitrate explosives, N.G. gelatine dynamite, Emulsion explosives, Watergel explosives, Relay primer, Seismic explosive cartridge. China


manufacture of industrial chemicals, plastics, paints, commercial explosives and fertilizers in Australasia.

"Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Co."

Design, and production of explosives, propellants, and pyrotechnic actuated devices. Lead Azide Replacement, Initiators and Detonators (laser, electric and percussion)

"Rimrock Explosives"

Complete line of commercial explosives and drill bit supplies. An ETI distribution center for Western USA

"Swiss Ammunition Enterprise"

Include the recycling of ammunition and explosives and the liquidation of discontinued military equipment and vehicles.

"Technology Transfer"

Pantex's Technology Transfer Program: how industry can gain from Department of Energy Research and Development

"Terra Dinamica"

Terra Dinamica is a contract services/outsourcing firm in the international mining and related items

"Thomas Instruments - Blasting Electronics"

Galvanometers allows checking for stray current when using electric blasting caps.

"Topex Inc."

Blast consulting firm with experience in explosives manufacturing, research, blast analysis, fragmentation evaluation, loading systems, vibration control and more.

"Ukrainian Rescue Systems LLC"

manufactures products including remote-controlled vehicles and portable explosives whichenable firefighters to volley-feed extiguishing compounds directly into the center of industrial and forest fires.

"VK Blasting and Explosives"

VK Blasting & Explosives is an American-owned U.S. Title 20 Explosives Manufacturer. Visit site and see explosives in action !

"W.A. Murphy Inc."

factory-appointed distributor for the Western United States, stocking major brands of smokeless powders.

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