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"Aar Aar Enterprises"
Indenting agents for exports and imports of organic and inorganic chemicals, bulk drugs, drug intermediates, dyes, dye intermediates, food chemicals, feed chemicals, perfumery chemicals, essential oils, fragrances.

"Abhishek Impex"

Indian exporters of organic chemicals, agro chemicals, detergents, pharmaceuticals, photographic and textile chemicals and importers of hot melt adhesives for food and beverages, bookbindings, personal hygiene, tobacco and hospital products.

"ADRYMAX Technologies Inc."

Supplier of protective systems that create weatherproof composite membranes.

"Advanced Lubrication Technologies"

Shipping synthetic lubricants worldwide, for all applications, from quarts to barrels.


North America's largest online agricultural store which purchases directly from the manufacturer.


Search engines and link pages specialized in pest control and environmental management associations and resources as well as distributors, news, training and products.

"Almira Inc"

We deal with wholesale trading of chemical raw materials.

"Ambersil Pte., Ltd."

The leader in the manufacturing and supplying of special effect chemicals to industry.

"American Chemical & Equipment Company"

Distribution of zinc, chromates, aluminium, phosphates, and auto wax products

"Aptech Services LLC"

Rare earth and chemical supplier for industrial and research use.

"Arakawa Chemical (USA), Inc."

A leading supplier of high-quality chemical products.


Applications and products especially developed for the essential corrosion protection on industrial sites.


We source and supply fine chemicals and ingredients worldwide.

"Ceekam Organics"

a Marketing Arm of leading Bulk Drugs & Intermediates manufacturers of India.

"Changje Trading Co., Ltd."

Offers customers worldwide with fine and specialty chemicals.

"Chem Network"

Online catalog and exchange for chemicals connecting buyers and suppliers worldwide.


a marketplace for buyers and sellers of surplus, excess, recyclable, off-spec, and by-product chemicals. Chem-Trade provides you the ability to purchase chemicals below market price and list your product for sale at no cost.

"Chemax, Inc."

A specialty surfactant additives supplier worldwide.


Chembourse.com is a chemical eMarket with a unique commerce platform -e-Negotiations- decision enabling content -SmartChem- value added services to bring transparency in transactions -Validation- and an intuitive design and site layout. We have created the only comprehensive database in the industry, which we use to bring together new buyers and sellers.


content provider that infuses expertise provided by industry experts in specialized fields, sales force, and sub-contractors that support vertical industries in the offline world into online B2B marketplaces. It provides the most comprehensive online guide of Chinese chemical businesses all over the world and assists businesses around the world to source, buy and sell commercial quantities of chemical products.

"Chemical Analysics."

Hplc Methods For Pharmaceutical Analysis,Basic Tests For Pharmaceutical Substances,Capillary Electrophoresis Methods For Pharmaceutical Analysis,Chromatographic Analysis Of Pharmaceuticals

"Chemical Industry Search Engine"

All the chemical industry online - chemicals, chemical companies, chemical engineering, process equipment, chemistry. Find products, services and info

"Chemisty 490"

Chemisty courses

"Chengdu Chemphys Chemical Industry Co., Ltd."

ISO9002 guarantee. Chemical products mainly include antimony, lithium, manganese, nickel, cobalt, zinc.

"China Chemical Network"

Provides free access to a database of chemicals and companies of China and other Asian countries, with a trading message board and newsletter.


Importer and supplier of all kind of paint stuff and its raw material for Korean market.

"Creanova Inc."

High quality colorants, biocides, raw materials, additives; intermediates, fine chemicals; specialty polymers for adhesives, engineering thermoplastics; methacrylate monomers; surfactants; heat transfer fluids.

"Cure Chem India"

Exporters of various kind of chemicals, essential oils, natural menthol crystals, caustic soda, sulphuric acid, medical disposables, stationary items.


Silicone industry resources, employement, "request for bid" area, manufacturer directory, and other information.

"DbWestern, Inc."

Worldwide chemical engineering plants making formaldehyde, HCHO and UFC, resin, urea, and melamine.


A new way to purchase the products such as agricultural chemicals, seeds, and machine parts. It also allows access to information you need to farm today.

"Drugger's Apothecary"

A non-corporate sponsored repository dedicated to the pharmacy profession which includes pharmacy news, pharmacy humor, pharmacy compounding, and pharmacy links

"DTI Tribology Centre - Surface Engineering & Coatings"

Specialists in surface treatment, wear protection and coatings: PVD, Plasma CVD, Ion Implantation, Plasma Nitriding and tribological consultancy.


Calculates chemical equilibrium compositions for a broad range of systems, based on the algorithms of Smith and Missen

"George Uhe Co."

Suppliers of raw material ingredients to develop and manufacture flavor and fragrance, pharmaceutical, medical, nutritional, animal health, personal care, cosmetic, dental and oral hygiene products

"hebei xinji chemical group co.,ltd"

we are the largest manufacturer and exporter of barium and strontium salts in Asia.

"India Chemical Exports: Amar Impex"

We are largest exporters from India of intermediates - pigment, dyes,b chemicals, textile printing thickener, pharmaceutical intermediates & chemicals, optical brightners.


The leading pharmaceutical resource on the Internet -healthcare industries; news, views, jobs, directories of agencies, professional organisations and freelancers, along with thousands of links out into the Internet.

"International Petrochemicals (Pvt) Ltd"

importer, exporter, distributor and agent of Petrochemicals.

"Intersales Network (Pvt), Ltd."

Importers and indentors of industrial chemicals and plastics raw materials.

"Intertrade Exim"

Competitive sourcing of Chemicals (Organic, Inorganic & Fine), Agrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, and Intermediates from India and China. Please visit our website for detailed information o us and our handled products.

"Kendall and Son"

Exclusive distributor of K and K chemicals and other specialty items.

"LSU Chemistry Library"

Lousiana university, chemistry departement

"Manufacturers of Chemicals"

Manufacturers Of Aromatic Chemicals, Antioxidents, Cosmetic Ingrediants & Speciality Chemicals

"Mega Trading Co., Ltd."

is growing up as expert in the trading specially chemicals product.

"Pelchat Labs"

Offer specialized chemical supplies and kits (GHB kits and Pro-G).

"Peters Chemica"

We sell calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide, lime, limestone, calcium clhoride, ice melters, airport deicers, urea, potassium chloride, lime kiln dust and fertilizers.

"Pfaltz & Bauer"

Fine and rare chemicals, from the mundane to the impossible to find.

"Polythink Inc."

Polymer manufacturing process simulation software by Polythink Inc.


Combines chemistry and raytracing to create high quality graphics of molecular models

"Product Information for Pest Control"

Website for online ordering of safe and easy to use pesticides. Free support on how to apply the products.

"Purification Technologies, Inc."

Provides ultra high purity solvents, solvent containers and dispensing systems.

"Quality Chemical Products from R.W. Greeff and Co."

global importer and distributor of fine chemicals,pharmaceuticals, industrial, intermediates, nutritional, as well as personal care and cosmetic chemicals

"Rubber Chemical Manufracture"

We are the manufacture of rubber chemical DNPT. \nD.N.P.T. a Dinitrosopentamethylene Tetra mine based rubber-blowing agent, in pure and other grades. \n \nUsed in : \nFootwear Manufacture of soles for sandal, Slippers etc. \nStyrene Butadiene rubber Manufacture of pipes and hoses \n \npl. visit our website : http://rajcello.freewebpage.org

"Savan Group"

International trader in bulk chemicals, pharmaceutical raw materials for human and veterinary use, food additives, antiseptics and medical sundries.

"Shanghai Apollo-Fudan High-Tech. Industry Co., Ltd."

As a source of Pyruvate series products and other chemicals, we provide our customers with qualified raw materials, such as Calcium Pyruvate, Ethyl Pyruvate, Pyruvic Acid and more.

"Solvent Innovation GmbH"

Offering services in the field of catalysis and organic synthesis, especially the synthesis and distribution of innovative solvents such as "Ionic Liquids".

"The Lyon Area Economic Development Agency"

ADERLY, the international agency for economic development. ADERLY develops international business in Lyon (France, Europe). Get complete information on foreign and inward investment, on the French and European markets, on every business park.

"The Pharmacy Webring"

Pharmacy related links

"Trilogy Chemicals"

Silicones, defoamers, paint additives, cosmetic chemicals, and other specialties can be sourced online via Trilogy Group, LLC.

"Vestigo~Tracking Returnable Shipping Assets, pallets, totes, chemical totes, ulds & any other asset"

Inventory Management and tracking systme for users of returnable shipping asstes. Such as containers, totes, chemical totes, bins, pallets & any other shipping platform.

"VL Clark Chemical Co."

V.L.Clark Chemical is an importer and regional distributor of commodity and specialty chemicals.

"Xian Chemical Import Export Corporation"

Suppliers of chemicals including solvent dyes, water treatment chemicals, xanthanes, molybdenum disulfide etc.

"Yangzhou GaoKang Group"

Yangzhou GaoKang Group,which passed the ISO9002 by SGS ,mainly produces acid dyes,direct dyes and dye intermediates(mainly to make direct dyes,reactive dyes,food colours etc.such as Para Cresidine,N-Acetoacet Cresidine Sulfonic Acid, Para Cresidine Sulfonic Acid and so on

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