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"Australian National University - Research School of Chemistry"
Chemical researching.

"Brookhaven National Laboratory"

Research focuses mainly on the chemistry, physics, and transport of substances in the atmosphere.

"Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute (Greece)"

CPERI is a non-profit organisation that carries out applied research working closely with industrial partners.

"Chemical Research Institute"

CRI has grown to offer verity information about chemical industry in Korea and in worldwide

"Chenguang Research Institute of Chemical Industry"

Engaged in researching and producing polymers and synthetic materials

"CIIT - Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology"

CIIT is a not-for-profit toxicology research institute dedicated to providing an improved scientific basis for understanding and assessing the potential adverse effects of chemicals

"Climate Change Research Center"

Recovery, analysis and interpretation of chemical records available from air, snow and ice cores.

"CSIRO - Division of Atmospheric Research"

Research aimed at solving significant problems concerning the physics and chemistry of the atmosphere of both the Australian region and the globe.


Astate-of-the-art X-researay source, serving basic and applied research in physics, chemistry, and materials and life sciences.

"Explosives at Los Alamos National Laboratory"

Offers researchers access to over 50 user facilities for conducting research and development

"Global Atmospheric Chemistry Group"

Researching the fundamental factors which determine the chemical composition of the Earth's atmosphere.

"Health Research Association"

This site provides well trained, experienced physicians/researchers in any medical specialty. .


Engages in physics and chemistry research.

"ICN Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

Our goal is to discover and rapidly develop unique medicines of value for the benefit of mankind.

"Institut de Recherche Jouveinal / Parke-Davis"

A leading centre in Europe for pharmaceutical R&D is specialised in inflammation, gastroenterology, pain, and the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

"Institute of organic and pharmaceutical chemistry"

The Institute was established in 1979 as the Centre for Organic Chemistry with the objective of pursuing research in the areas of Organic and Organometallic Chemistry.

"Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry"

Performs fundamental research in organic chemistry, biochemistry and related disciplines on the border between chemistry, biology and medicine.

"Lybrook Associates"

Does research, analysis, synthesis and experimentation on adhesives and silicone substances for product and process development and application

"Monell Chemical Senses Center"

Independent institute for multidisciplinary research on taste, smell, and chemosensory irritation.

"NASA Ames Research Center - Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Branch"

Research within the Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Branch (NASA Code SGG) is focused on the chemical and transport processes that determine atmospheric composition

"National institute of chemistry."

Researh Slovenian institute.

"National Institute of Materials and Chemical Research"

Japanese institute for chemical research.

"RCC Linking Science to Progress"

A private and independent Research Service Institute.

"University of Hull - Computational Chemistry Research"

The CCRG is a loose affiliation of staff and researchers within the department who use computers and modelling techniques to assist their research.

"University of Limerick - Advanced Sensors Research Unit"

The Advanced Sensors Research Unit (ASRU) at the University of Limerick is involved in applied and fundamental research

"University of Notre Dame"

Chemical engineering departement

"University of Oklahoma - Chemical Engineering"

School of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

"University of South Florida"

Departement of chemical engineering

"University of South Florida - Center for Ocean Technology"

Support research by facilitating rapid development of optical, chemical and acoustic sensors; as well as autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV).

"University of Toledo - Chemical Engineering"

Chemuical and environmental engineering

"University of Utah"

Chemical and fuels engineering departement

"University of West Indies at Mona, Jamaica"

Details of courses, staff and research. Laboratory manuals Spectroscopy problems and tutorials Chemistry related Software

"University of Wisconsin, Madison - Materials Research Group"

The MRSEC Interdisciplinary Research Group No. 1 (IRG #1) focuses on understanding the microscopic mechanisms of growth

"University of Wyoming"

Departement of chemical engineering

"Vanderbilt University"

Departement of chemical engineering

"Yonsei University"

Chemical researches for industry.

"Zhejiang Chemical Industry Research Institute"

Zhejiang Chemical Industry Research Institute is one of the biggest comprehensive organizations which engages in research, development and business in chemical industry in China

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