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C687: Computing Methods in Biochemistry Spring 1997 Instructor: Prof Gary Wiggins Feb. 6, 1997 Lecture#4 !!CAUTION!! The Chemscape Chime plugins used in parts of the following lecture will NOT work unless you are using Netscape version 3.01 or..


Chemical drawing software that can do a whole lot more than just draw

"Chemistry 105a - Fall 98 - Mak / Downloads"

Chemscape Chime is a plugin that enables viewing and rotation of molecular strctures for 3D visualization.

"Chemistry Software And Information Resources"

A catalog of commercial and non-commercial software for chemists. This is the place to look for the software tools you need for your research.

"Chemisty 490"

Chemisty courses


News, links,plugin and others...

"Chemsw, Inc."

Periodic Table Excel,Brain Chemistry Database, Juice Products Analytical Database, Herbal Pharmacology Database, Pesticides Database Etc.


Software for science and research

"CMBI: Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics"

The virtualization of chemistry education (5) New ways of visualization: CD-ROM (too) nice graphics, contents fixed, used fordemonstrations WWW (plugins, java) versatile, platform independent, limited in graphics, personal use PC/MAC programs


Here are some of the chemistry animations available

"LSU Chemistry Library"

Lousiana university, chemistry departement

"MDL Information Systems, Inc."

The world of chimestry

"Petr Kuzmic University of Wisconsin"

Useful links Chemistry resources, website design, browser plugins, structure drawing software, and more.

"Plug-in Information"

Plug-in Information - Department of Chemistry The University of Arizona

"SysChem Corporation, Inc."

Systematichem is an innovative computational organic chemistry software system that applies mathematics creatively to the problems faced in retrosynthesis and synthesis development in organic chemistry

"The Organic Chemistry Page"

All that you needs about chemistry

"Tripos Molecular Inventor Plugin"

Tripos' Molecular Inventor TM Netscape Navigator plugin, is an Interactive 3D molecular visualization tool.

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