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accta chemistry software

"ACL (Artificial Chemistry Laboratory)"

ACL, an educational software package developed by SNTSoft, allows simulations of non-predefined chemistry experiments on computers using a knowledge-base approach.

"Adaptive Analyzer Technologies - Hoboken, NJ"

chemical composition analyzer systems for process control.

"Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc"

Developing chemical property software that predicts nuclear magnetic resonance spectra, structure boiling points and LogP values. Provide IUPAC name generation and structure drawing software.

"Afferent Systems, Inc."

Software for combinatorial chemistry.

"Alestron, Inc."

Offering Pharmaceutical Design and Database, for chemical information management database system design and pharmaceutical design.

"ASA International Ltd."

ERP software for chemical, furniture, and other industries as well as for wineries in Italy and other European countries.

"ChemInform St. Petersburg"

Methodology and software for chemical engineering and reaction hazard assessment.

"Chemisty 490"

Chemisty courses


ChemWeb features searchable chemistry journals and databases, jobs, chemical books, software and products, details


ChenWeb features searchable chemistry journals and databases, jobs, chemical books, software and products, details of conferences

"CIO Systems"

Providing software for printing firms to track ink use and VOC emissions.

"Compuchem Ltd."

Software for Chemistry and Chemical Education - Structure Drawing - Molecular Design - Computational Chemistry

"CompuChem Software"

Software for chemistry, chemical education software, molecular design, computational chemistry, scientific software, and structure drawing.

"CSC chemistry"

Organisation developing programs databases etc.

"Datacor, Inc."

Distributing and manufactures ERP Software for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and bio-tech industries.

"Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc."

Developing and distributes software tools (ToolKits) for creation of chemical information systems.


A comprehensive software system for environmental and safety compliance,   management, planning and reporting


Calculates chemical equilibrium compositions for a broad range of systems, based on the algorithms of Smith and Missen

"Exorga Inc."

Consultants in organic chemistry and molecular modeling.

"Galactic Industries Corporation"

Spectroscopic software information and demos, free Galactic Data Viewer, spectral and chromatographic data, scientific algorithms, technical presentations, technical support, and more.

"Heart-Profit ERP Software"

Heart Informatisering B.V. is a specialist in providing standard ERP-packages which support all business processes for chemical manufacturers such as Material Safety Data Sheets.

"Hypercube, Inc."

Offering sophisticated molecular modeling software packages uniting 3D visualization and animation with quantum chemical calculations, molecular mechanics, and dynamics.

"International Chemical Information Network"

ChIN offers a navigator for selected chemical databases, software, e-conferences, e-journals, books, mailing lists, organizations, and chemical suppliers.

"J.L. & Co. Software house"

J.L. & Co. Software house creates solutions for the administration of processes, cycles, working phases; support services, advices and assistance.

"JMBS Developpements"

Matching the chromatographists requirements whatever the chromatographic system used.

"Kelly Registration Systems"

Developing PC and Internet based software and services that automate the processes of state and federal registrations and renewals of pesticide products.

"Khem Products"

Relational database programs for chemical management

"Logical Technology, Inc"

Software solutions for chemical compliance. Specializing in hazardous materials and waste management.

"M.H. Chew & Associates, Inc."

Offering TemboChem 2000 - chemical inventory tracking and reporting software.

"MDL Information Systems, Inc."

The world of chimestry

"NetWARD Software Inc."

Chemical health and safety and MSDS information packages

"Polydata Software"

Making marketing and research products for the clinical chemistry and pharmaceuticals industry.

"Polythink Inc."

Polymer manufacturing process simulation software by Polythink Inc.


Combines chemistry and raytracing to create high quality graphics of molecular models

"Princeton Simulations"

Software that helps chemists determine the 3-D structures of molecules.


A computer software solution developed from ground zero specifically for the chemical distributor and manufacturer

"Q-Chem, Inc."

Developer and Provider of Quantum Chemistry Software

"RasMol Molecular PDB Visualization Software"

Free molecular visualization software, educational scripts, tools, and resources, 3D atomic coordinate data PDB data files for micromolecules and macromolecules, email discussion, gallery.

"Science Hypermedia Inc"

Software products include an encyclopedia of analytical instrumentation, as well as an online introduction to analytical chemistry basics.

"Scientific Consulting Services"

Chemistry software and products for Windows.

"Spinup GmbH"

Developing and markets software for chemistry and biochemistry with focus on molecular modeling and spectroscopy.

"Systag, System Technik Ag"

Hardware and software for the chemical development laboratory for accelerated development and optimization of desired reactions and for safety tests of undesired reactions, in particular reaction calorimetry.

"Thorn Technologies"

simulation modules including pump and valve, PID and heat exchanger.

"Thru-Put Systems, Inc."

Creating chromatographic data analysis software.

"Trafxs Systems"

Software solutions for the petroleum industry.

"Trinity Software"

Programs for chemistry, life science, and speech and communication. Program titles include curriculum supplements and research tools for both PC and MAC computers.

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