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"Accepta.com - Buy Water Treatment & Other Speciality Chemicals On-line."
Global suppliers of speciality chemicals. Our extensive product range includes water treatment chemicals, biocides, polymers, water test kits & reagents etc. We also offer toll blending.

"Analytical Data Services Ltd"

Offers chemical analysis of water systems and computer network installation and support.

"App-Chem, Ltd."

A wide range of water and soil analysis / treatment products.

"Applied Hydro Technologies, Inc."

Water treatment vendor specializing in water treatment chemicals, equipment, and services for boilers and cooling towers.

"Aqua Science, Inc"

Provider of water treatment specialty chemicals, equipment, and management programs to industrial/commercial establishments.

"Aquachem Inc."

Manufacturer of innovative products for wastewater treatment and environmental remediation. Unconventional technology with enhanced efficiency for removal of contaminants from waste streams and waste stabilization.

"Aquakimia Sdn Bhd"

Supplies chemicals, plants and systems, and equipment for industrial and waste water treatment.

"Aquapharm Chemical Co. Pvt. Ltd."

An ISO 9002 accredited company manufacturing organophosphonates, biocide, pharmaceutical products and low molecular weight polymers


Production and marketing of various chemicals for water and process treatment systems.

"Biosan Laboratories, Inc."

Manufacturer and distributor of microbiological test kits for water treatment, metalworking, food, and clinical applications. Also, provider of laboratory services.

"Buckman Laboratories"

A manufacturer of specialty chemicals for aqueous industrial systems including: pulp and paper, water treatment, leather, coatings, agricultural, and wood treatment.

"Calciquest Inc."

Provides drinking water quality treatment chemicals including corrosion inhibitors, lead and copper reduction, mineral sequestering, and more.

"CalciQuest, Inc."

Supplier of drinking water quality treatment chemicals: corrosion inhibitors, lead and copper reduction, mineral sequestering, red water control. Products include polyphosphates, orthophosphates, and polymers.

"Chem-Tech International"

One of the Midwests finest water treatment facilities. Chem-Tech specializes in addition, Chem-Tech offers reagents, test kits, pumps,water meters and side-stream filters

"Chemical Engineering Magazine"

Engineering articles, news, product roundups, seminars and conferences, links, job advice, and more

"Chemline, Inc."

Manufacturer of water treatment chemicals formulated to prevent deposits, corrosion, and biological fouling in boiler and cooling water systems.

"D.W. Davies & Co., Inc. - Manufacturing Chemists"

Manufactures a wide line of cleaning and maintenance products for industry, business and home use.

"Delta Chemical Corporation"

Manufactures alum, polyaluminum chloride, water soluble polymers, sodiun aluminate bleach and other water treatment chemicals.

"Eastern Technologies, Inc."

Suppling water treatment chemicals and test kits.

"Ecochem, Inc."

Provides wastewater and potable water treatment products, antifoams, cleaning, sanitizing, and speciality chemicals.

"Ecoverde s.p.a. paper chemicals"

Specializing in paper chemicals, paper machine clothing and chemical auxiliaries for tissue converting

"Electrochemical Design Associates"

Specializing in electro-chemical/biological process systems for water, wastewater, effluent, resource-recovery and groundwater treatments for industrial, commercial and residental usage.

"Environmental Enterprises USA, Inc."

Providing whole effluent toxicity testing of wastewater and chemicals using aquatic (salt and fresh water) test organisms.

"Freeston Water Treatment"

Supplies water treatment, softening, chemicals and chlorination programmes in the UK.

"Fulcor S.a g.l."

Sale and installation of equipment for water treatment and swimming pools.

"Garratt-Callahan Company"

Products and services for cooling towers, closed systems, boilers, steam condensate systems, potable water, and wastewater systems.

"Guardian Chemicals"

Manufacturer of a variety of specialty chemicals, including watertreatment, vehicle maintenance, stripper and degreaser products.

"Gurtler Chemicals"

Manufacturing products for the powdered laundry business, as well as water treatment, warewashing and building maintenance applications.


Developing hydrogen peroxide and related peroxygen chemicals for the treatment of water, wastewater, and contaminated soil and groundwater.

"Hawkins & Associates"

Supplies chemical metering pumps, controllers, flow meters, tanks, and accessories; applications include boiler blowdown systems, cooling tower and waste water treatment systems.

"Hebei Jiheng Chemicals"

A reliable source of water treatment chemicals, specialized in producing cyanuric acid, sodium dichloroisocyanurenate (SDIC) and trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA).

"HF Scientific, Inc."

Products for municipal and industrial water quality applications including turbidimeters, pH monitors, DO controllers, ammonia monitors, test kits, sensors, probes, and chemical reagents.

"Hill Brothers Chemical Co."

Hill Brothers has been supplying the Western United States with industrial chemicals and construction products since 1923.

"Hyosung Chemical PG"

Manufacturer of engineering plastics, food packaging and film.

"ICI Chance & Hunt"

Selling industrial and water treatment chemicals worldwide.

"Inland Environmental Technologies"

Food grade and industrial grade Proplyle and Ethylene Glycol Distributor.

"Integrated Engineers"

Providing consulting, design engineering, equipment, regulatory compliance, and chemicals for wastewater treatment.

"International Daleco Corporation"

Manufactures biocatalysts for municipal and industrial wastewater sewage treatment.

"International Ozone Association"

Dedicated to dissemination of information on ozone, use ofozone for water, wastewater, and air treatment, chemical and industrial process, and publishes books and journals.

"Jadco Ltd."

A specialty chemical formulator serving the industrial and institutional, water treatment, wastewater treatment, and laboratory solutions industries.

"JCI Jones Chemicals, Inc."

Manufacturer and distributor of water treatment chemicals. Serving industrial and municipal customers.

"K-Mont Industries"

Provides water and chemical process treatments for cooling towers used in industries.

"Kan Carbon Private Limited"

Manufacturer of powdered and granular activated carbon used in water treatment

"Kuntze Instruments, Inc."

Making water treatment and chemical process control instruments.

"L & M Construction Chemicals, Inc."

Manufactures cement products, including sealant, water repellent, grout, industrial cleaners, curing compounds.

"MarTech Systems, Inc."

Engineering consulting services on boiler water treatment for steam generating systems. Marketing consulting services for water treatment chemical suppliers.

"Mid South Chemical Company, Inc."

Manufacturing potable and industrial water treatment chemicals as well as offering custom blending services.

"Midland Research Laboratories, Inc."

Provides water treatment services and process chemicals for scale, corrosion, fouling and microbiological control.

"Midland Resources Inc."

Dedicated itself to providing the purest iron coagulants to the municipal and industrial water treatment community, including ferric sulfate, ferric chloride, ferrous sulfate, and ferrous chloride.

"NCP Kuwait - National Chemical & Petroleum Industries"

Manufacturer of oilfield and water treatment chemicals in Kuwait.

"Nettco Corporation"

Manufacturer of fluid mixers and homogenizers for the chemical,pharmaceutical, biotechnical, food, waste, water treatment, and ore enrichment plants.

"Pace Chemicals Ltd."

Pace Chemicals Ltd. provides treatment programs and technical support in the waste water treatment industry.

"Professional Water Technologies Reverse Osmosis Chemicals"

Chemicals for maintaining and operating industrial and commercial reverse osmosis systems.

"ProSerTec, Corp."

Supplier of specialty chemical products and services for industrial water and wastewater treatment.

"Q-Con Corporation"

Analytical instrumentation and process control for waste water treatment, cooling towers, food processing, steam generation, chemical industry and swimming pools, pH mesaurement, conductivity, titration.

"Rohrback Cosasco Systems, Inc."

Supplier of corrosion monitoring equipment for a variety ofindustries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, water treatment, chemical, pulp and paper, and pharmaceutical.

"Sales Consultants of Mt. Pleasant, Inc."

Careers, recruiting, specializing in water treatment, process chemical and managed care insurance industries.

"SIMCO Products, Inc."

Manufacturer of stainblockers and colorant fixing agents and removers for the textile industry and flocculents for wastewater treatment.

"Sionix Corporation"

Water treatment systems to identify and control waterborne diseases and toxic chemicals.


Industrial water treatment company offering a complete line of preventative maintentance water treatment chemicals, equipment and services.

"T.M. Cook Company, Inc."

Offering wastewater treatment including water filtration, testing, chemicals, machine leasing and tooling programs.


Manufacturers and suppliers of industrial water treatment chemicals for steam boilers, hot and chilled closed loop systems, cooling towers and fuel oil diesel treatment.

"TriSep Corporation"

Engineered membrane solutions and support chemicals for wastewater applications.

"United Manufacturing International 2000 Activated Carbon"

UMI-2000 supply activated carbon, ion exchange resins and adsorption filter vessels.

"Vinings Industries"

Supplier of pulp and paper and water treatment specialty chemicals as well as other industrial chemicals.

"Water Systems Engineering, Inc."

Chemical analysis and treatment of water well problems throughout the world.

"Water Treatment Warehouse, Inc."

Sells chemical via the Internet.


Water softeners proven to banish limescale and hard water problems. The easy alternative to a salt softener.

"Watertech Equipments and Chemicals"

WaterTech of Chennai, India, is a leading manufacturer of industrial water treatment plants, swimming pool treatment plants and effluent treatment plants.

"WMEC Ltd."

Developers and manufacturers of the Sentinel range of units for treating chemically contaminated water.

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