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"Aalborg University (Denmark) - Chemistry and Applied Engineering Science"
Departement of chemistry at the Aa lborg University

"Arizona State University"

Departement of chemical, bio,materials.

"Aston University"

Chemical Engineering and applied chemistry.

"Auburn University"

Departement of chemical engineering

"Brigham Young University"

Chemical engineering departement

"Brigham Young University - Chemistry and Biochemistry"

Brigham Young University, or BYU, is named in honor of the nineteenth century Mormon leader and pioneer Brigham Young. BYU is located in Utah Valley, 45 miles south of Salt Lake City in Provo, Utah.

"California Institute of Technology"

Chemical Engineering departement

"California Polytechnic State University - Chemistry and Biochemistry"

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Cal Poly offers an ACS certified Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and the Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry.

"California State University, Los Angeles - Chemistry and Biochemistry"

Scientific university.

"Calvin College - Chemistry and Biochemistry"

Scientific University.

"Carnegie Mellon University"

Chemical Engineering Departement

"Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden)"

Departement of chemistry

"City College of New York"

Chemical Engineering departement

"Clarkson University"

Departement of chemical engineering

"College Malaysia Chemical Engineering (INTI)"

Chemical engineering

"Colorado State University-Chemical and biosource engineering"

Deartement of chemical at the Colorado State University.

"Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art"

Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

"Cornell University"

The School of Chemical Engineering is part of the College of Engineering

"Dalhouise University"

Dalhousie University has been a centre of teaching and research in Chemistry for over 120 years.

"Delft University of Technology - Laboratory of Process Equipment"

Research and education in the field of separation processes: industrial crystallization, supercritical technology, membrane separations and column processes.

"Denison University - Chemistry and Biochemistry"

Scientific University.

"Division of Polymer Chemistry (ACS)"

The Polymer Division of the American Chemical Society is a leader in information exchange on polymers. Meeting, award, history, workshop, jobs, and other activity information is available

"Florida Institute of Technology"

Chemical engineering departement

"Iowa State University"

Chemical engineering and Iowa State have been associated for over eight decades since the university granted its first chemical engineering degree in 1914.

"Kansas State University"

Departement of chemical engineering

"La Salle University - Chemistry and Biochemistry"

In addition to the traditional realm of chemistry, where the properties and structure of matter are studied, an education in chemistry can prepare an individual for careers as diverse as law, medicine, business, and biotechnology.

"Loyola Marymount University Mission"

Founded in 1914 and located in Los Angeles, Loyola Marymount is the only Jesuit/Marymount university in the southwestern United States.

"LSU Chemistry Library"

Lousiana university, chemistry departement

"Michigan State University"

Biochemical Engineering Dept.

"New Mexico State University"

Scientific university.

"Okanagan University College-Departement of cchemistry"

The Department offers a Chemistry Major Degree, an Environmental Chemistry Degree, as well as General Degrees with other departments.

"Polytechnic University of New York"

Departement of Chemical Engineering including the Chemistry and Material science departements.

"Simon Fraser University"

The Department of Chemistry includes 29 faculty members, 23 post-doctoral fellows and research associates, and over 65 graduate students.

"Texas Tech University - Chemistry and Biochemistry"

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is one of many outstanding departments at Texas Tech University.

"The World-Wide Web Virtual Library"

directory of Chemistry Sites at Academic Institutions.

"University of Alabama in Huntsville - Chemical and MaterialsEngineering"

The Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering develops and maintains programs that educate students in the manipulation of matter in industrially improtant chemical and materials systems.

"University of Arkansas - Chemistry and Biochemistry"

University of Arkansas.

"University of Birmingham"

Scientific departement.

"University of Bristol"

University which provides both teaching and researching.

"University of British Columbia - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology"

The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is one of the best funded at U.B.C., receiving over $5 million per year in federal and provincial grants.

"University of California at Davis"

The Department of Biological Chemistry is one of five basic sciences departments in the U.C. Davis School of Medicine.

"University of Cincinnati - Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry, and Microbiology"

Scientific departement.

"University of Florida"

Chemical Engineering departement

"University of Georgia - Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology"

The Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology is one of seven departments comprising the Division of Biological Sciences in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences at The University of Georgia.

"University of Houston - Biochemical and Biophysical Sciences"

The Department of Biology and Biochemistry, in the college of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at the University of Houston, are the home of research and teaching in modern biochemical and biological sciences.

"University of Leeds - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology"

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is a school within the Faculty of Biological Science.

"University of Leicester"

Departement of biochemistry at the university of Leicester.

"University of Lethbridge"

Scientific University.

"University of Massachusetts at Amherst-Chemical Engineering"

Departement of Chemical Engineering at the University of Massachusetts

"University of Michigan"

Departement of chemical engineering.

"University of Missouri-Rolla"

Chemical engineering departement

"University of Nebraska"

Departement of chemical engineering

"University of New Hampshire"

departement of chemical engineering

"University of Notre Dame"

Chemical engineering departement

"University of Oklahoma - Chemical Engineering"

School of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

"University of Ottawa"

DEpartement of Science and Chemistry.

"University of Oulu"

The focus of biochemical research is the study of living organisms at the molecular level.

"University of Pennsylvania - Dental Biochemistry"

The Center for Oral Health Research (COHR) was constituted in 1970 as the basic sciences research core of the Univrsity of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.

"University of Queensland"

Departent of chemical engineering

"University of Rochester"

Departement of chemical engineering

"University of South Florida"

Departement of chemical engineering

"University of Southern California"

The School maintains a large number of modern research and educational facilities and a number of research institutes

"University of Tasmania - Department of Biochemistry"

The Division is a multi-faceted unit researching a wide range of biochemically based areas

"University of Tennessee - Department of Chemical Engineering"

Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville (UTK)

"University of Toledo - Chemical Engineering"

Chemuical and environmental engineering

"University of Toronto"

The Department of Chemistry is located mainly in the Lash Miller Chemical Laboratories on the St. George (downtown) campus of the University of Toronto,

"University of Turku - Department of Biochemistry"

Today the Department is a consortium of three independent disciplines: biochemistry, food chemistry and biotechnology, and it also includes an integrated research unit called the Joint Biotechnology Laboratory

"University of Utah"

Chemical and fuels engineering departement

"University of Wales, Swansea (UK) - Chemical and Biological Process Engineering"

The Department was established in 1955 and was the first in the UK to offer an undergraduate degree in Biochemical Engineering in addition to Chemical Engineering.

"University of Western Ontario"

Scientific University.

"University of Wyoming"

Departement of chemical engineering

"Vanderbilt University"

Departement of chemical engineering

"Washington University"

Departement of chemical engineering

"Wesleyan University - Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry"

Wesleyan University occupies an unusual niche in American higher education between the major research universities and the liberal arts colleges.

"West Virginia University"

This college is one of only 43 public universities that serve their states as research and land-grant institutions.

"Wright State University"

The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology was founded in 1974 concurrent with the creation of the Wright State University School of Medicine and has recruited faculty with strong research interests in the basic biomedical sciences.

"Yale University - Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry"

The goal of the Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry is to understand life processes in terms of organic and physical chemistry.

"Yonsei University"

Chemical researches for industry.

"York University - Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry"

Canada University with programs on line.

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