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We engage in scientific research, production and sales, mainly on electronic chemicals,fine chemicals especially pharmaceutical intermediates

"4-Chlorobutyronitrile manufacturer - Jinke Chemical Factory"

producing and supplying 4-chlorobutyronitrile, n-Butyl Chloride, Cyclopropyl Cyanide, Tetraehtyl Orthocarbonate and other chemical intermediate.

"Activated Carbon"

We are the major manufacturer and exporter of granular and powdered Palm Shell Activated Carbon as well as Palm Sizing Charcoal in Malaysia

"ACTIVE Cosmetic Ingredients Chemicals For Skincare Cosmetics"

We Supply Innovative and Unique ANTI-AGING Cosmetics Skincare Beauty Health and Medical Products Cosmetic Ingredients Chemicals containing Artificial Blood and Liposomes; vradin@unix.infoserve.net; \nhttp://www.ultracosmetics.com

"Ambersil Pte., Ltd."

The leader in the manufacturing and supplying of special effect chemicals to industry.

"Antifire coatings"

Company "KMB" offeres a fireproof coatings "Brandmauer PMS, PMC, PMW" under price from 36 upto 42 uroper kg. Represented fireproof coatings are indended for creation coatings of steel, wooden, cables.

"Arven Industrial Chemicals, Ltd."

UKs premier producer of industrial chemicals and industrial flooring.

"Asian Organo Industries"

Manufacturers of Metallic stearates, oxides, trioxides, PVC stablisers.


Manufacturers of Metallic stearates, oxides, trioxides, PVC stablisers.


Applications and products especially developed for the essential corrosion protection on industrial sites.

"Baiyun Co-strong Pharmaceutical Research Institute (BCPRI)"

specializes in development, manufacturing and sale of all kinds of pharmaceutical chemicals,pharmaceutical intermediates,pharmaceutical raw materials.

"Beneut Enterprise"

One of the bigger Copper Sulphate producer, exporting 90% of production worldwide.

"Benoni snc"

hard chromium-plating and nickel plating, finishing on both ferrous and non ferrous materials

"Boith Chemicals, Ltd."

Manufacturer, importer and exporter chemicals and pharmaceuticals from China

"Brindavan Phosphates Private Limited"

BPPL is India's largest manufacturer of Dibasic Calcium Phosphate adopting the latest technology.

"bulk drug"

chlorhexidine base \nchlorhexidine digluconate 20% soln \nchlorhexidine gluconate 20% soln \nchlorhexidine diacetate \nchlorhexidine acetate \nchlorhexidine dihydrochloride \nchlorhexidine hydrochloride


Acrylate levelling additive for solvent-based systems and powder coatings. Silicone additive for solvent-based automotive and industrial coatings.

"C&M (Zhuhai) Development Co. Ltd."

Producer and trader of pharmaceutical, chemicals, pigments, herbs extract power

"Calmags GmbH"

Offers nearly every Calcium and Magnesium compound with very short delivery times.

"CARBON COMPOSITES - Carbon Fiber and Fabric Manufacturers"

Carbon Fabric and Fiber, Kevlar, Aramid and Syntex, Fiberglass and other composite materials: wholesale and retail manufacturers and retail sales worldwide

"CEN Enterprise Co., Ltd."

China manufacturer and exporter of graphite products

"Ceyenar Chemicals"

Suppliers of row rubbers and manufacturers of automobile rubber components, chemicals, synthetic, natural and technical rubber components.

"Chem India"

Chemical manufacturers from India, exporting pharmaceutical chemicals, industrial chemicals, petro chemicals, aspirin, ibuprofen, titanium dioxide, calcium chloride, glycerin etc.

"Chematron Specialty Chemicals"

Manufactures a broad line of textile chemicals to meet virtually any need. Since we are a specialty company, we invite your inquiries on products that may require custom manufacture.

"Chemence US"

Manufacturer of adhesives and specialty chemicals including cyanoacrylate, photopolymer, vacuum impregnation sealant, anaerobics, threadlockers.

"Chemical Advisory Service"

Directories of chemical manufacturers and traders for Australia and New Zealand and chemical manufacturers for the Asia Pacific region

"Chengdu Chemphys Chemical Industry Co., Ltd."

ISO9002 guarantee. Chemical products mainly include antimony, lithium, manganese, nickel, cobalt, zinc.

"China Fujian Provincial Chemicals"

Chinese manufacturer and exporter of chemical materials, machinery, electronics, instruments, equipment, technology, light industrial products and crafts, foodstuffs and oil, mineral, native and animal-by products, medicines.

"China Fujian Sanming Forest Products Industry Corp."

Chinese manufacturer and exporter of gum rosin,terpineol, pine oil, turpentine, activated carbon, forest flavour, fragrance and other chemical products.

"China Gum Rosin, Turpentine, Pine Oil, Terpineol, Synthetic Camphor supplier"

China Gum Rosin, Turpentine, Pine Oil, Terpineol, Synthetic Camphor,Rosin Ester, Tung Oil and Aromatic Chemicals Supplier

"China Mindong Lianyi Activated Carbon Group"

manufacturer and exporter


Produces sulpher products and distributes sulphur, bentonite, sorbican and other chemical products throughout Europe.

"Cognis North America"

Manufactures and provides natural-sourced specialty chemicals and related services worldwide.

"Concrete and Masonry Waterproofing Sealers and Protective Coatings"

Cappar manufactures a wide range ofresin based concrete restoration and concrete protection products for structures

"Crown Chemicals P.Ltd"

Manufacturers and exporters of fragrances, flavours, organics, synthetic, chemicals from India.

"Custom Synthesis"

We offer custom synthesis of fine chemical intermediates \nand bulk active substances, including complex multi-step custom organic synthesis. \nOur main targets are pharmaceutical, biotechnological and biomedical companies.

"D.W. Davies & Co., Inc. - Manufacturing Chemists"

Manufactures a wide line of cleaning and maintenance products for industry, business and home use.

"DaeHa International"

Manufacturer and supplier of inorganic oxide colloid/powders, fine ceramics materials, functional coating materials, botanical chemical materials for electronic/semi-conductor/fine ceramics/coatings/cosmetics.

"Degesch America, Inc."

Producer of aluminum and magnesium phosphide fumigants.

"Diagnostic Chemicals Limited"

Manufacturer of medical diagnostic products, specialty chemicals and enzymes used in the Diagnostic, Pharmaceutical, and Life Science markets -- since 1970.

"Dow Corning"

World leader in silicon-based materials technology

"Dyes, Dyestuff, Reactive Dyes, Dyes Intermediates India Manufacturer and Exporter"

Rubmach Industries Indian Manufacturer and Exporter of Dyes, Dyestuff, Dyes intermediates, and Reactive Dyes. Products Acid Dyes, Reactive Dyes, Food Colour, Textile products, Azo Pigments and more.

"E-teck, Ltd."

Manufactures a complete range of high performance professional chemical maintenance products for a variety of industries.

"ECC Technologies"

Energy curable coatings and UV silicone release liner manufacturer.

"Ecosol Technologies, Inc."

Manufacturing and distribution of no-clean fluxes and solders. (ISO 9001 Certified).

"F.lli Mazzon Prodotti Chimici s.r.l."

Mazzon chemicals has 40 years of experience in the production of chemicals for foundry and industry in general

"Fiber Innovation Technology, Inc"

Fiber Innovation Technology (F.I.T.) makes bicomponent and other specialty staple fibers with cross sections and polymers tailored to your needs.

"Finornic Chemicals (India) Pvt. Ltd"

Manufacturers and exporters of fine speciality chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, antioxidants for rubber and nylon tyre cord

"GeeJay Chemicals"

UK manufacturer and supplier of desiccants - silica gel, silica gel sachets and molecular sieves. Desiccants adsorb water vapour that cause corrosion and mould growth.

"GL Chemtec - Fine Chemicals"

GL CHEMTEC INTERNATIONAL is dedicated to contributing new and existing fine chemicals to the scientific community. With expertise in organic, organometallic, polymer, analytical and petroleum chemistry.

"Goodwill Group, India"

Manufacturer and exporter of organic chemicals, dyes, intermediates, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides, from India

"GSP Chemical Ind - Methyl Red"

Methyl red, indicators, stains, pthaleins, suphothaleins from GSP Chemical Ind, Manufacturer and exporter of laboratory reagents.

"Guardian Anti- Corrosives (P) Ltd"

Manufacturer of meatal pre-treatment chemicals

"Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals, Ltd."

chlor-alkali manufacturer in India with captive co-generation power plant. Our environment friendly membrance cell technology for caustic chlorine manufacturing.

"Gulf Membrane & Coating Industries WLL"

Manufacturers of waterproofing compounds, bituminous based resins, felts, paints etc.

"Hawks Chemical Company"

specialise in the supply of bromine (drums and bottles), inorganic and organic bromides, phase transfer catalysts (TBAB,TEAB,TPAB,TPAH) and many other fine chemicals

"Hodgson Chemicals"

World leaders in leather, construction, textile, polymer and speciality chemicals. Hodgson supply the leather industry across the world.


We deal in exportations of main chemical materials of barium carbonate,barium sulphate,zinc sulphate heptahydrate/monohydrate, \nthioure,thiourea dioxide,magnesium sulphate heptahydrate,zinc oxide,lithopone,garphite electrode, potassium chlorate,carbonfuran, \ncarbosulfan,proxpoxur,carbaryl,diazinon,primiphos-methyl, \nchloroprene rubber,active carbon,Npk fertilizer and so on.

"Hychem USA"

Manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, silicone, hot-melt, acetoxy, polyurethane, polysulphide, acrylic, oximes, neutral oxime, primer, tile adhesive, spackling paste, siloxane concentrate.

"ICI India Limited"

Paints, specialty chemicals and performance materials company, part of the ICI group worldwide.

"Imperial Industrial Chemicals (Thailand) Ltd."

Manufacturer of industrial organic chemicals

"India Chemical Manufacturers Directory"

A list of indian chemical manufacturers - with link to their websites. Easy way to locate chemical manufacturers from India.

"Indspec Chemical"

Manufacturers of resorcinol, resorcinol resins, and derivatives for use in chemicals, rubber and plastics, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and many other industries.

"Industrial Chemicals"

We specialise in impregnated wipes for the safe removal of sealants and in extreme performance detergent products, which solve difficult problems for a wide range of industries.

"Ineos - Antwerp, Belgium"

A manufacturing, distribution, sales & marketing company of speciality and intermediate chemicals.

"Intec Polymers Ltd."

We develops and manufacture Specialty Chemicals for global sales. It is a Research and Development oriented company with strengths in the technology of Polymers, Catalyst, Electrical Insulation and Surface Coatings. \nIntec has five product divisions which consists of Polyvinyl Formal Polymers, Poly Isocyanates, Organic Titanate, Wire Enamels and Insulating Varnishes. Its products are target towards niche markets of power generation equipment, electrical equipment, aerospace, plastics, adhesives, paints and environment management industry. To meet the success of customers, Intec Polymers utilises its strengths of modern Research and Development facilities and excellent technical man power. Our products are supported by an effective distribution network and prompt technical services further ensures easy availability of our products and the necessary technical support at all times.

"Interflux USA, Inc. Products and Services"

Mfg. and distribution of chemicals used in the electronics assembly processes (ISO 9001 certified).

"Jarchem Industries"

Manufacturer, marketer and distributor of linear and branched chain alcohols, esters, acids, specialty monomers, speciality derivatives, personal care and lubrication products

"Jeil Chemical Co., Ltd."

manufacture and marketing of sealing products.

"Jiangyin Haida Fine Chemical Plant"

Specializing in producing tartaric acid & salts of tartaric acid products series. As an ISO9002 Quality System certified Company,we are possessed of complete equipments, advanced technology, rich technical force and rather perfect testing instruments & technical standard. The annual production capacity is 6000 ton.

"Jiheng Trading Co."

Sodium bromate (NaBrO3), sodium dichloroisocyanurenate (DCCNa NaDCC SDIC), trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA TICA), sodium bromite (NaBrO2), potassium bromate (KBrO3), cyanuric acid (ICA CA), analgin (DAB10)

"Jinan Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd"

Chemical Products

"JSC Empils"

Leading manufacturer of zinc oxide in Russia

"Karsandas Mavji"

Karsandas Mavji is one of the leading chemical manufacturers and exporters of Dyestuffs in India.

"Kelways International Corporation"

marketing of a selected range of Agrochemicals, Dyes and Intermediates

"Kem Manufacturing"

Specialty chemicals for maintenance engineering, industrial, agricultural, marine, food processing, etc.

"Lambiotte & Cie s.a."

Chemicals producer

"Lifa Srl"

Lifa is specialised in the production and packaging of products for agriculture and gardening: raticides, insecticides, snail killing baits, fungicides, fertilizers, grafting mastic and wax, rat tapping glue, entomologic glue.

"Loctite Corp."

Loctite is a worldwide specialty chemical company, supplier of proprietary high performance adhesives, sealants, coatings and specialty brand name chemicals.


Develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of complex fine chemicals, polymers, additives and chemical specialties


A company producing and selling industrial enzymes through solid state fermentation process.

"Mag Excel Exports Private Limited - Magnesium Sulfate,Magnesium Sulphate"

Magnesium sulfate manufacturer, supplier and exporter of magnesium sulphate, magnesium sulfate heptahydrate, magnesium sulphate heptahydrate, magnesium sulfate anhydrous, magnesium sulphate monohydrate, calcium hydroxide from India.

"Mahavir Expochem Ltd."

Manufacturer and exporter of electroplating chemicals, metal finishing chemicals, surface treatment chemicals, specialty chemicals and basic metallic salts, electroplating plants and equipments from India.

"Mangalam Drugs and Organics, Ltd."

Mangalam Drugs engaged in the manufacture of various chemicals having a diversified product range of perfumery, organic and inorganic chemicals, disperse dye intermediates

"Minal Intermediates India"

Manufacturer exporter of food colors, diamine pyrazoladone based dyes intermediates, drug and cosmetic color, dyes and pigment intermediates, solvent dyes, pharma and specialty chemicals, agro intermediates by minal intermediates ahmedabad India.

"Mittal Dhatu Rashayan Udyog India , Manufacturers of Metallic Stearates"

ISO 9000 certified company, manufacturers of Metallic Stearates & STABIMAX Single Pack Stabilisers, Products include Calcium Stearate, Zinc Stearate, Sodium Stearate, Potassium Stearate, Aluminium Stearate, Lead Stearate etc.

"Mody Chemical Industries"

Manufacturer and exporter of chemical products

"Morning Chemical Co., Ltd."

Welding, brazing and soldering flux. We are developing and manufacturing a new flux that can join aluminium to aluminium.

"Morton International, Inc."

Specialty chemicals

"Moulinex Marketing, Pvt., Ltd."

Specialists in bentonite, molecular sieves, zeolite, sodium silicate, molecular sieves, bleaching earth from India.

"Musk & Fragrance"

The indentors & manufacturers of quality flavours & fragrances.

"Nanning Chemical Group Co. Ltd."

Manufacturer and exporter of Trichloroisocyanuric Acid as disinfectants for pools and spas, water treatment chemicals.

"Nantong Lisi Organic Chemicals Co., Ltd."

Middle-sized state-run chemical enterprise mainly producing fluorescent whitening agents with an annual output capacity of more than 3,0000 tons. It also produces silicone finishing agents as well as dye intermediates including terephthalaldehyde. It has got the certification of ISO9002.


we manufacture and supply phosphoric acid, sodium hexametaphosphate(SHMP), sodium pyrophosphate(SPP), sodium tripolyphosphate(STPP). food grade and tech grade

"Northway Lignin Chemical"

production of on-toxic/non-hazardous polymers, which are derived from the pulping process.

"Oh Shung Chemical Industrial Corp."

surfactant manufacturer. Main products are fabric softner, fatty acid ester, and emulsifier agent.

"Parkaire Engineering Co. (P) Ltd."

designs & manufactures chemical plant equipment including viz. heat exchangers, high pressure vessels, etc.


Specialist in fine chemicals ans specialty chemicals.

"Polymona enterprises, LLC"

offer high quality fine and intermediate chemicals at low prices.

"Polyphenols AS"

A company based on the production of anthocyanins and other polyphenols with high purity

"PQ Corporation"

Global producer of silica-based inorganic chemicals including sodium silicates, potassium silicates, silica gels, hollow microspheres, zeolites, molecular sieves, catalysts, and fine glass spheres.

"Priya Chemicals"

Manufacturer and exporter of superior quality amino acids, which are used in pharmaceutical, agriculture, veterinary, poultry and aquaculture sector from India since 1980

"ProChem Chemicals"

Custom and toll manufacturer of specialty chemicals. ISO 9002 certified.

"Proteina Factory - Producer of Active Proteins for Skincare Cosmetics"

Polish producer/supplier of natural skin proteins-active, anti-ageing components for cosmetic industry

"PTFE lined Valves, Pumps, Pipe & Fittings"

Supplier of PTFE lined valves, pumps, pipe & fittings, bellow, expansion joint,PTFE hose

"Qafco, Qatar Fertiliser Company"

Producer of Urea and Amonia.

"Qingdao Langyatai (Group) Co., Ltd"

enterprise with 180 million fixed assets and more than 2000 employees.The corporation produces Itaconic Acid, Cyder and High-grade Grain Spirits.It has its own export-import rights and it is ISO9002 certified.

"Ranbaxy Fine Chemicals Limited"

Manufactures and markets laboratory chemical, pharmaceutical intermediates including custom synthesis, speciality and process chemicals.

"Refnol Resins and Chemicals Ltd."

Unsaturated polyester resins, saturated polyester resins for fiber glass, composite coatings, textile sizing chemicals for wrap size binders, lubricants, blends, textile auxiliaries for fabric garment finishing, laundry cleaning chemicals.

"Richman Chemical Inc."

Custom manufacturing and fine chemical sourcing for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

"S&D Chemicals"

A major manufacturer's representative offering a well diversified product portfolio to pharmaceutical, natural health, veterinary, and food companies throughout Canada and the US.


Chemical for leather industry, Tannery, vegetable and synthetic tannin and dyestuff.

"Samsung Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd."

producer of dimethylformamide (DMF), melamine, malonate, epichlorohyrin (ECH), methylene chloride, hydroxy-gamma-butyrolactone, l-carnitine, etc.

"Samsung Oil & Fat Corporation"

Specialized in textile chemicals for polyester, nylon, cotton, rayon, acetate yarn and mold releaser, internal lubricant, external lubricant.

"Satya Cashew Chemicals Pvt. Ltd."

ISO 9001 certified Manufacturer and Exporter of Cardanol, Friction Dust(Cashew Friction Particles), Phenolic Resins.

"Schümann Sasol - Your Wax Partner"

Development, manufacturing and marketing of Paraffin Wax, Fischer-Tropsch Hardwax, Petroleum Jelly and related speciality products worldwide

"SEAL: Textile-Chemicals Firm"

Textile and chemicals firm, headquartered in Legnano (Milan). We produce aramid fabrics for ballistic protection, fabrics for composites and prepregs

"Sentinel Lubricants Corporation"

Manufacturers and sells a full line of synthetic lubricants, greases and oils. In addition, it manufacturers custom blended lubricating products for specialized uses in industry.

"Shan Dong Jiejing Group Corporation"

Main products: mannitol, sodium alginate, todine, citric acid mono.

"Shandong Gaomi Chemical Fibre Group"

State-owned enterprise, its main products are cotton linter pulp, viscose staple fibre, polyester filament yarn, toilet paper and plastic woven fabric

"Shanghai Photosensitive Materials Co., Ltd."

We produce and sell the photosensitive materials such as 214Sulphochloride(CAS 36451-09-9), 215Sulphochloride(CAS 3770-97-6) and 215Sulfonic acid sodium salt(CAS 2657-00-3) etc.

"Shangyu Foreverchem Co., Ltd."

Manufactures mefenamic acid, pharmaceuticals, intermediates, dyestuffs and pigments.

"Shanxi Friends Union Chemicals Co."

Jincheng-based Sino-Japanese joint venture specializing in manufacturing and marketing thiocyanates in domestic and overseas market. She is by far one of the newly emerged top manufacturers and active exporters for thiocyanates in China.

"Shanxi Province Yuanping Chemicals Co., Ltd."

largest and professional oxalic acid manfuacturer in the World and they have already 30 years history. \nMain products including oxalic acid, formic acid and sodium formate. All products ahve guarantee certified with ISO9002.

"SHH Company, Ltd."

A full service company that manufactures and distributes a wide range of chemicalproducts. We specialize in providing environmentally compatible solutions.

"Siel Chemical Complex"

The complex manufacture caustic soda, chlorine and down stream products.


leading pharmaceutical intermediates, utilising bromine to produce a wide range of bromochemicals for harmaceutical, agricultural and industrial applications

"Solvent Innovation GmbH"

Offering services in the field of catalysis and organic synthesis, especially the synthesis and distribution of innovative solvents such as "Ionic Liquids".

"Sonarome Chemicals Ltd."

Manufacturer of flavours for Aerated/non-aerated beverages,biscuits, bakery products,confectionery,chewing gums,distilled alcoholic beverages etc.

"Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd."

Korea's leading chemical company, that produces PVC stabilizers, antioxidants, PU resins, flocculants etc.

"Standard Manufacturing Company"

Pakistan's largest flavour and fragrance manufacturer. Over 70 years of establishment.

"Stella Chemifa Corporation"

Stella Chemifa is the leading manufacturer of fluorine compounds.

"Stellar Solutions, Inc."

CitriSurf is a citric acid based cleaner and passivator that replaces the old nitric acid systems.

"Su-Vi Chemicals, Ltd."

Manufacturers of intermediates, fine chemicals and bulk drugs.

"Sunko Ink Co., Ltd."

high technology for fine chemicals such as MOCA, anti-oxidant EP-168, and also PU relative products. Such as surface coating agent, artificial leather and PU resin. At our homepage you will find more interesting speciality chemicals inside.

"Superior MicroPowders"

SMP manufactures advanced powders and powder-based materials.

"Suru - India"

Manufacturer, exporter of lanolin oils, fatty acid, hydrous, lanolin products, oil and fatty acid, cosmetic raw materials

"Suru Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals"

Manufacturer of lanolin anyhdrous, lanolin derivatives, lanolin products, oil and fatty acid, cosmetic raw materials from India.

"Taylor Chemical"

Taylor Chemical Company is a formulator of speciality silicone based fluids and emulsions. Taylor is highly regarded for its quality products, rapid customer service response, and top quality personnel.

"Telechem Manufacturing"

An industrial maintenance chemical manufacturer and distributor specializing in degreasers, solvents, all purpose cleaners, adhesive removers, mastic removers, and windshield washer fluid.

"The Hydra International Network"

formulators and manufacturers of high performance chemical cleaning products for all industries.

"Tianyuan Chemical Co., Ltd."

developed to be a middle sized comprehensive enterprise which mainly produces organic and inorganic products such as chloro-akali products, dyestuff intermediates and pesticide intermediates.

"Trade Work"

one of the leading a Manufacturer and Exporter with various kinds of Kitchenware with Kitchen-Knives and Cookware in Korea. Production covers also chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials.


Producer of new chemical tools for joining metal parts by solid phase cold welding methods

"Trilogy Chemicals"

Silicones, defoamers, paint additives, cosmetic chemicals, and other specialties can be sourced online via Trilogy Group, LLC.

"Unilab Chemicals"

Manufacturer of bulk drugs, antiseptics, disinfectants from India.

"Universal Group"

Dyes intermediates, cosmetics and disinfectants


Manufacturer of chemicals for the reprographic and lithographic industry.

"Vikas Corporation, Kanpur, UP, India"

Manufacturers of Tents, Cotton Ropes and Chords, \nWeb Equipment, Industrial Garments, Sodium Bi-Sulphite, Sodium Meta Bi-Sulphite, Sodium Sulphite, Sodium Sulphide, Engine Starting Aid (ESA) Capsule, Chip-on-Board Adhesives

"Xentex Chemical Industries, Inc."

Manufacturer and producer of chemically engineered products with special focus on replacement of EHS hazardous acids and solvents.

"Yangzhou Gaokang Group"

Produces direct, acid dyes, dye intermediates and pharmaceuticals.

"Yasho Industries, Pvt., Ltd"

Manufacturers and exporters of speciality chemicals, cosmetic ingrediants and perfumery chemicals.

"Yi Ming Fine Chemical Co., Ltd"

Main products include: maltol, ethyl maltol, ginkgo biloba extract, grape seed extract, calcium carbonate, calcium citrate.

"Yongsan Chemicals, Inc."

Manufacturer of organic chemicals including maleic anhydride (MA), fumaric acid (FA), tetrahydrophthalic anhydride (THPA), hexahydrophthalic anhydride (HHPA), malic acid (MLA) and acrylamide (AAM).

"Zhongcheng Chemicals.com"

Zhongcheng Chemicals is the largest sodium hydrosulfite producer and exporter in the World.

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