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"A-1 Chrome and Polishing, Corp."
Services include buffing, polishing, chrome plating, and more.

"A.T. Poeton & Son Ltd"

Metal coating & finishing company based in the U.K offering a complete range of specialist coatings.

"Able Anodizing Corp."

Offering aluminum anodizing including passivating, etching, and polishing.

"Able Electropolishing Co, Inc."

Processing cover a wide range of metals and lot sizes.

"Accent Metal Finishing"

A variety of finishes for steel and aluminum.

"AKN Technology Bhd"

Electroplating company in the Malaysia, is principally engaged in both front-end electroplating to produce plated leadframes and back-end electroplating of assembled products.


Offering aluminum and magnesium metal finishing services, including, anodizing, chromate, and non-chromate conversion coating.

"AllBlack Company"

Providing metal finishing services, specializing in black oxide and phosphate coatings and passivation.

"Alloy Tech Electropolishing, Inc."

Specializing in electropolishing, passivating, and cleanroom packaging of stainless steel parts.

"Amalgam Plating, Inc."

Specializing in many different plating processes with various take sizes.

"American Electroplating Company"

Platers of magnesium, aluminum, wire mesh, titanium, kovar, tungsten, and more.

"American Tinning and Galvanizing Company"

Galvanizing, electrolplating, machining and plating.

"Anolaze Corp."

provides anodizing, laser engraving, and metal finishing.

"AP Industrial"

Product finishing services for fabricated metal and molded plastics.

"Armoloy Company"

Offering a thin dense corrosion resistant chromium coating.

"Arsenal ltd."

The company Arsenal ltd. is a ukrainian supplier \nof technical Polyethylene Glycols used in surface treatment., and rubber accelerator DTDM

"Associated Plating Company"

Provider of electroplating and metal surface finishing services for electronics, aerospace, automotive, metal stamping, medical instrumentation.

"Barken's Hard Chrome Plating Inc."

Plating services include hard chrome, cadmium, nickle, and zinc.

"Benchmark Products, Inc."

supplier to the metal finishing industry, ISO 9002 certified.

"Blue Streak Finishers, Ltd."

Metals finishing specialists.

"BTR Plating Resources"

Providing anodizing, E-coating, chroming, polishing and electroplating services.

"Burbank Plating"

Specializing in zinc, cadmium, and tin-zinc plating.

"Burlington Engineering"

Specializes in engineered surface refinishing, including metal paint stripping, blasting, and melonite processing.

"Cal-Aurum Industries"

Electroplating technology for the electronic component industry. Rack & barrel and reel-to-reel plating processes.

"Chemlex Ltd"

Producing and distributes chemical products (lacquer and enamels) used in canneries, for coating tins and other volumes contacting with food.

"ChemResearch Co., Inc."

Plating, anodizing, and grinding facility.

"Chrome Services"

Offering chrome plating services.

"Classic Components, Inc."

Offering chrome wheel plating for motorcycles and cars.

"Cleveland Metal Cleaning"

Specialize in sheet and plate batch pickling for descaling and derusting.

"CMP Anodizing"

Services include anodizing, hardcoat, chrome plating, mold polishing, chemical conversion coat, and passivating.

"Courter-Hall Metal Finishing"

Offering anodizing, passivation, chemical film, and more.

"Douglas Plating Ltd."

Specialising in gold, chrome, nickel, electroplating and powder coating.

"DTI Tribology Centre"

supplies surface coatings for wear protection of tools and parts.


Manufacturing and marketing pulse and DC electroplating power supplies for the world-wide metal finishing industry.

"East Side Plating Inc."

Powder coating, finishing, and plate metals-- aluminum, steel, stainless, zinc, brass, copper-- die cast, rolled, and extruded. Hand and automatic lines, small and large runs.

"Eidschun Engineering, Inc."

Design, engineering, and manufacturing of wet processing systems.

"Electro-Spec, Inc."

Specializing in precious and semi-precious metal electroplating, passivation, and vacuum vapor degreasing.

"Electro-Tech Inc."

Provideing hard chrome and nickel plating for the tool, die, and mold industry.

"Electrolizing Corporation of Ohio"

Specializing in precision coating services for medical, aerospace and commercialapplications.

"Electrolizing, Inc."

Specialists in chrome plating

"Electrolurgy Inc."

Offering metal finishing services - including anodizing, plating, and painting - and non-destructive testing.

"Electromatic, Inc."

Specializing in the electropolishing and passivation of stainless steel and other alloys.

"Elm Plating Company"

Metal finisher providing zinc barrel plating and anodizing services.

"Embee Incorporated"

Anodize, IVD, and more.

"Erie Plating Company"

Offering metal finishing services including plating, polishing, anodizing, and other treatments.

"Faith Plating Co."

Chrome plating for bumpers, autos, trucks, and motorcycles. Also offers repair services, including plasic bumper and alloy wheel.


producer of chemical specialties for the leather and the leather article industry, from crust to the finished manufactured article.

"G and S Associates"

Teflon surface treatment for bonding.

"Galvanisation Industrielle SA - GISA"

Specializing in electrochemical deposition, including Nickel and Chrome, with capabilities to process large components.

"GATTO Industrial Platers, Inc."

Zinc and zinc nickel electroplaters.

"General Magnaplate Corporation"

Surface enhancement for metals and other substrates for a variety of uses: outer space, factory floors etc.

"GunBlack, Inc"

Black oxide and manganese phosphate coatings, gun bluing, and Parkerizing.

"H.B. Products, Inc."

Specializing in sheet metal fabrications.

"Hammond Machinery, Inc."

Finishing equipment, abrasive grinders, polishing, buffing lathes, dust collectors, flat finishers, OD cylindrical finishes, robotic finishing, etc.

"Hausner Hard-Chrome, Inc."

Complete chrome plating, machine shop, and welding services to extend the life of your machinery by protecting and repairing worn, damaged, or mismachined parts.

"Haward Corporation"

Specializing in metal finishing, including electropolishing and powder coating.

"Hayden Corporation"

Specializing in the application of thermal sprayed coatings, including flame spray/metallizing, HVOF, plasma spray, and thermoplastic, as well as hardfaced weld overlays.

"Heatbath-Park Metallurgical"

Supplier of metal finishing and heat treating products and technology.

"High Lustre"

Custom chrome plating and parts exchange program for Harleys and Hot Rods.


Surface enhancement and coating services company.

"Indianhead Plating, Inc."

Specializing in hard-chrome plating.

"Industrial Hard Chromium Company, Inc"

Providing precision hard chromium plating of rolls, rams, cylinders, shafts, drums, and other process equipment.

"Industrial Metal Spraying"

Chemical coating for aluminum extrusions, windows, railings, doors, motorcycles and ornamental metal

"International Marking Group"

Makers of electro-chemical marking and etching equipment and supplies.

"International Silver Plating"

Repair and restoration of fine antique and modern pieces.

"Jar-Tex Industries"

Providing precision coatings, and metal plating and finishing.

"John Schneider & Associates / Metalline"

Electroplating and metal finishing.

"Kyowa Denka"

Performs electroplating, alodine treatments and zinc and zinc alloy plating.

"Lockhart Chemical"

Manufactures and markets additive packages, soluble bases, coating intermediates, petroleum sulfonates, and oxidates for the metalworking and coatings markets.

"MABCO Systems Inc"

Manufacturer of automated hoist control systems for the metal finishing industry.

"Markee Corporation"

Manufacturer of water based machining coolant, low foam laundry detergent, and metalworking compounds used in the mass finishing industry.


Chemicals, equipment, and process technology for electropolishing.

"Palm Commodities International"

Nickel and cobalt chemical manufacturer.

"Process Research Products"

Developing and manufactures products used in the processing and production of electronic & industrial items. Also creates chemicals & plates for lapping.

"Puma Chemical"

Manufacturer of chemicals for electroplating and PCB industries.


Vibratory finishing equipment, process and supplies for: deburring, surface finishing, burnishing, washing and cleaning, preplate finishing, polishing, drying and radiusing.

"SIFCO Selective Plating -"

A supplier of brush plating and selective plating kits and chemicals.

"Solvite Chemical Co."

Manufacturer and distributor of chemicals for metalworking and metalforming.

"Southwest Metal Finishing Supply Co."

Manufacturer of polishing compounds, buffing wheels, and other metal finishing supplies.

"Süddeutsche Emulsions-Chemie GmbH"

Manufactorer of waterborne wax-emulsions /dispersions for surface finishing, release agents and metalworking operations.

"Wm Canning Ltd."

Subsidiary of W. Canning; sells and produces synthetic fluids, sealants and adhesives, additives for fuel water and waste, and surface finishing products.

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