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"1st Polymer Market"
For selling and sourcing polymers, as well as market information.

"Absorption & Expansion Polymers"

Additives and products for swelling of elastomers or gaskets by water uptake, absorption of polar liquids and optical application.

"Acrotech Inc."

Castable urethane manufacturer that produces custom and standard molded polyurethane in all hardnesses and colors.

"Advaitya Dye Chem"

A manufacturer and exporter of organic pigments.

"Advanced Polymers International"

Manufacturer of repositionable, removable microsphere adhesives used in tapes, labels, wallpaper, primers and release coatings and more.

"Akron Rubber Development Lab"

An independent testing laboratory specializing in the testing of rubber materials and polymer products.

"Alabama Pigments Company"

Producer of black and natural red iron oxide pigments.

"AlkaDye Group"

An international dyestuff manufacturer with over 30 authorized distributors & 40 production plants in Asia, Europe and America producing acid, direct, disperse, reactive, basic, cationic, vat and sulfur dyestuffs.

"ALPS Industries Ltd."

Manufacturing natural dyes, dyed fibers and yarns, and naturally colored cotton products.

"Ambuja Intermediate Products Pvt. Ltd."

manufacturer of dye intermediates, dyestuffs, and pigments.

"American Colors, Inc."

Coloration systems for the plastics and coatings industries.

"American Polyurethane Systems, Inc."

Quality foam roofs, insulation solutions, and corrosion control using Dow Corning 3-5000 and Stayflex foam products.

"Anar Chemicals"

Manufacturing and selling a range of synthetic organic dyes, pigments and intermediates.

"Aqualon Oil Field Chemicals"

Aqualon is the world's largest producer of water-soluble water-soluble polymers for oil and gas drilling, workover and completion, cementing, and stimulation.A division of Hercules Incorporated.

"Aquapharm Chemical Co. Pvt. Ltd."

An ISO 9002 accredited company manufacturing organophosphonates, biocide, pharmaceutical products and low molecular weight polymers

"Aristech Chemical Corporation"

Producing and markets a wide range of chemical and polymer products.

"Armour Polymers, Ltd."

Leading manufacturers of pyridine and pyridine derivatives and pioneers in the manufacture of value added products such as lutidines and collidines, nicotinates and picolinates in India.

"ARON Universal"

Manufacturer of Daylight Fluorescent pigments with a strong R&D department. Great variety of colorful chemical coatings and colorings.

"Arun Chemi-Dyes"

Manufacturer and exporter of sodium naphthionate, betahydroxy napthoic acid, bon acid, para chloro aniline from India.

"Asha Nitrochem Industries Limited"

Manufacturer and Distributer of high quality Industrial grade Nitrocellulose.

"Ashtel Laboratories Ltd."

Manufacturer and exporter of organic and inorganic chemicals, bulk drugs, and intermediates.

"Asia Polyurethane Mfg Pte Ltd"

Manufacturing of polyurethane. APU produces rigid foam, rigid & semi rigid integral skin foam and high resilence cold cure foam.

"Asian Dyestuff Industries"

A manufacturer and exporter of reactive, direct, and acid dyes and pigment powders.

"Associated Rubber Company"

A full service custom mixer and tread rubber manufacturer

"Beijing Dyestuffs Plant"

Manufacturing and exports indigo and other vat dyes, dispersed dyes, direct dyes, and organic pigments.

"Beijing Odyssey Chemical"

We are the biggest manufacturer of optical brighteners in China.Following is our main products: \nOB (CI 184) = Ciba's Uvitex OB \nOB-1 (CI 393) = Eastman's Eastobrite OB-1 \nCBS-127 (CI 378) = Ciba's Uvitex FP-127 \nKCB (CI 367) = Hostalux KCB, Hoechst T1258, \nKSN (CI 368) = Hostalux KS-N \nER(CI 199) = Blankophor ER liquid, Ultraphor RN \nSWN(CI-140) = Uvitex SWN, SWR, Leucophor DC, WS \nCBS-X(CI 351)

"Bezjian Dye-Chem, Inc."

An exporter of dyestuffs and chemicals, including dyes for polyester, acetate, wool, nylon, and other uses.

"Bhavi International Ltd."

Manufacturer of dyes, chemicals, and dye intermediates.

"Birmingham Polymers, Inc."

Manufacturing biodegradable polymers from glycolide, lactide and e-caprolactone monomers for the medical industry.

"Britacel Silicones Ltd."

Manufacturers of specialty silicones and dyes for textiles in India.

"British Polymer Training Association (BPTA)"

Providers of technical and human resource training for the polymer industry.

"Britton Taco"

Manufacturers of high quality blown, cast, microembossed, perforated and printed Polyethylene and Polypropylene films.

"Burgess Pigment Company"

Provider of a complete line of functional anhydrous and hydrous aluminum silicates specifically designed to contribute key properties to your final products.

"Calciquest Inc."

Provides drinking water quality treatment chemicals including corrosion inhibitors, lead and copper reduction, mineral sequestering, and more.

"Chemical Engineers' Resource Page"

Including articles on separations, polymers, alternate energy, everyday applications, and other information.


Search engine and marketing site for the chemical industry


Manufacturer, exporter and importer of indenting agents for dyestuffs, chemicals, dyes intermediates, auxiliaries, garments, Indian Painting from India.

"China Youyi Inorganic Pigment Chemical Plant"

Manufacturer and exporter of inorganic pigment, mainly chrome oxide green and iron oxide.

"Chiri Enterprise Products"

Eco-friendly, non toxic, non corrosive, non flammable, water based liquid truckbedliner, etc.

"CLI International, Inc."

Compatability of Polymeric Materials with Service/Use Environments. Corrosion.

"Compound USA, Inc."

A supplier for Compound srl's PTFE (filled and non-filled) compounds and fluoropolymer products in North America. Our PTFE compounds are custom compounded to your ptfe specifications.

"Compounding Ingredients Limited (CIL)"

CIL are manufacturers of one component and two component castable polyurethane (PU) systems.

"Coral Group"

Iron oxide red and black manufacturer.

"Creative Pultrusions, Inc."

The high-strength pultruded profiles are designed and manufactured to provide lasting performance in highly corrosive environments.

"Custom Polymer Solutions"

Our low V.O.C polymer coatings.

"CVC Specialty Chemicals, Inc."

Manufacturing specialty epoxy resins, solutions, functional monomer modifiers, and curing agents.

"Daily Polymer Corp."

Was established in 1970, the synthetic resin has been our main products, and fulfilled the requirements as ISO 9002 in 1994.

"Deepak Chemicals Group"

Manufacturer of pigments, dyes and dye intermediates.

"Delta Colours"

Color pigments for the paint, plastics, ink, and construction industries.

"Devarsons Industries Limited"

For pigments and dyes in India.

"Dhara Management & Construction Pvt. Ltd."

Pigment green 7, organic pigment, synthetic organic dyes, dyes, chemicals.

"Dielectric Polymers"

Dielectric Polymers Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Park Electrochemical Corporation.

"Dock Resins"

Development and manufacturing of polymers for numerous applications. Doresco resins, temperature-activated Intelimer polymers etc.

"eCommerce Solutions for the Rubber Industry"

WebPolymer.com eCommerce solutions eliminate the expensive private networks required by EDI. WebPolymer.com solutions are simple, non-proprietary, opensystems that allow any customer with Web access to order any time, from anywhere.

"Economy Polymers & Chemicals"

Manufacturer of guar, hydroxypropyl guar, biocides, crosslinkers, and monomers.

"Ekta International"

Manufacturers, exporters of textile dyes, acid dyes, basic dyes, reactive dyes, direct dyes conforming to international standards.

"Environmental Technology Inc."

Specialising in two part polymer coating.

"Epoxies, Etc"

Adhesives, potting compounds, and coatings.

"Epoxy Granite/Polymer Concrete Casting"

Epoxy granite castings for precision bases and machine components.

"Epoxy Systems"

Specializing in chemical containment systems, industrial flooring, and other coating and sealing systems.

"Epoxy Technology, Inc."

Engineered epoxies and adhesives for semiconductors, fiber optics, and microelectronics.

"Ester Industries Limited"

Manufacturer and exporter of polyester films, engineering plastics and chips.

"Everlight Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd."

A leading dyestuffs manufacturer in Taiwan, founded in 1972, and has diversified the business field to UV absorbers, bulk drugs, electronic chemicals and advanced materials.

"Farbenchem International"

Marketing dyes, dye intermediates, pigments, and pigment intermediates.


producer of chemical specialties for the leather and the leather article industry, from crust to the finished manufactured article.

"Firebird Systems, Inc."

We specialize in supplying plastic raw materials, polymers and resins, to the international and domestic manufacturers in all production categories

"Firestone Synthetic Rubber & Latex Company"

Manufacturing and marketing synthetic rubber and other polymers worldwide.

"Formulated Polymers Pvt. Ltd"

designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of Thermo-Plastic compounds, concentrates and specialty niche compounds, specialising in engineering plastics.


Specialized pigments and dyes for plastics, rubber, paints, and food. Tailor-made products, used world-wide.

"Geon Company"

Producers of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins worldwide.

"Gharda Chemicals Limited"

A leading manufacturer of agrochemicals like pesticides, weedicides, fungicides and intermediates, veterinary bulk drugs and high performance polymers.

"Glotrax Polymers Inc (GPI)"

Manufacturer and supplier of high performance resins and specialty chemicals for a wide range of industries including electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, utilities, composites, signmaking, general manufacturing and more.

"Goldsmith & Eggleton, Inc."

Has served the rubber industry by offering alternative raw materials that enable customers to reduce cost without sacrificing quality. Value-engineered polymers and compounds.

"Green Mountain International, Inc."

Manufacturing polyurethane products for the construction industry. Used primarily to stop water leaks and stabilize soils.

"H.W. Sands Corporation"

Manufacturer of dyes, pigments, chemicals, custom synthesis for the imagingindustry.

"Hang Fung Hong Co. Ltd."

Provide complete and compelling plastic color solutions for corporate products.We offer a wide range of pigments and dyes for a broad range of applications, including plastics, paints and printing.

"Hangzhou Pigment Chemicals Plant"

Exporter and manfacturer of organic pigment, anthraquinone and h-acid.

"Hangzhou Tianlong Chemical Co., Ltd."

We specialize in the production and export of organic pigments.

"Hebei Jingming Pigment Chemical Group Co.,Ltd."

Manufacturer and exporter of organic pigment and pigment intermediates.

"Hebei Wuyi Dyestuff Chemical Plant"

Manufacturing and export of dyestuff and dyes intermediates

"Hema Chemical Co."

Manufacturers and exporters of organic dyes and intermediates like ODCB, 4CAP, PCONA, OCPNA, PDCB, and TCB.

"Hilton Davis Company"

Pigments for coatings, food and cosmetic colors, technical dyes, and color formers.

"HiTech Photopolymers Ltd."

Specializing in liquid, photoimagable resist for the chemical machining industry.

"Hitox Corporation of America"

Manufactures color pigments for paints, plastics, and numerous other items that require colorization.

"Hodgson Chemicals"

World leaders in leather, construction, textile, polymer and speciality chemicals. Hodgson supply the leather industry across the world.


Utilizing patented and proprietary technology for producing lignin and commercial products containing lignin.

"Hongment Chemicals Limited"

Supplies China-made high performance pigments and intermediates of organic

"Horsta Chemicals Zhuhai Co., Ltd."

Produces organic and inorganic pigments

"Huachang Polymer Co., Ltd."

Produce anticorrosive products, epoxy floor coating, insulating oil. Contracts, operates and surpervises anticorrosive engineering.

"Hydromer, Inc."

Hydromer, Inc. is an innovative, broad-based, technology-driven company

"Hyosung Chemical PG"

Manufacturer of engineering plastics, food packaging and film.

"Hysol Adhesives by Dexter Corp"

Dexter Polymer Systems manufactures Hysol adhesives for industrial applications.


Chromium oxide green, titanium dioxide, resins, chrome sulfate, nylons and more.

"India Chemical Exports: Amar Impex"

We are largest exporters from India of intermediates - pigment, dyes,b chemicals, textile printing thickener, pharmaceutical intermediates & chemicals, optical brightners.

"Indian Chemical Industries"

Manufacturing pigment, dyestuff by dedicated ISO 9001 company indian chemical industry India.

"Indo Colchem Ltd."

Manufacturer of dyes and intermediates.

"Innovative Polymers Inc"

Rapid protocasting material and equipment including Rapid Cast Polyurethanes and Tooling Boards.


Manufacturing epoxy encapsulants, silicone greases and compounds, adhesives, and one and two part silicones.

"Interactive Database for the Plastics Industry"

Polymerweb.com is an interactive database of plastics processors, moldmakers, resin and equipment suppliers. It allows users to search for company profiles or directly post their profile.

"ITW Plexus"

Manufacturing adhesives for structural bonding of most thermoplastics, metals, and composite materials; specializes in the transportation, marine, and engineering construction industries.

"Jagson Colchem"

Range of reactive dyes including acids and direct dyes.

"Jarchem Industries"

Manufacturer, marketer and distributor of linear and branched chain alcohols, esters, acids, specialty monomers, speciality derivatives, personal care and lubrication products

"Jin-Jiang Chemical Dyestuff Co."

Manufacturer and seller of cationic dyes.

"Joint Venture Ningbo Wuzhou Co., Ltd."

Manufacturer and exporter of polyester thin film products.

"Jupiter Intermediates, Pvt., Ltd."

Manufacturer of dyes and intermediates. JIPL is located in GIDC Industrial Estate of Vapi, Gujarat.

"Kangnam Chemical Co., Ltd"

Product line includes industrial phenolic resin for shell molds, abrasives, grinding, adhesives, and more.

"Karnavati Exports, Pvt., Ltd."

Best quality products include: reactive dyes, acid dyes and dyes intermediates.

"Kem-Tron, Inc."

Supplier of water soluble polymers and application equipment for textile, paper and pulp, industrial, oil, and domestic waste water applications.


Chemicals and pigments for the coatings industries and silicone rubber for mould making.

"Lawter International, Inc."

Manufacturing synthetic and hydrocarbon resins, ink vehicles, waxes, aqueous coatings, and acrylic resins.


Develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of complex fine chemicals, polymers, additives and chemical specialties

"Mace Company"

We design and manufacture polyurethane coatings, prepolymer, adhesives for varied applications. View our product line specs. Online sample requests and PO's. Interactive email department links. Company history and capabilities.

"Mahavir Chemicals"

Manufacturer and exporter in organic pigment powder including "pigment violet 23" in India since 1979.

"Manish Chemicals"

Exporting salt-free reactive dyes under the brand name Lamafix.

"Manufacturer and Distributor of Dyes and Colorants"

Providing colorants and dyes in a responsive and reliable culture to meet customer requirements in hundreds of industries.

"Maskimi Polyol Sdn. Bhd."

South East Asia only natural oil polyol producer. Supplies custom made Rigid Polyurethane System of different density and application

"Matsui International Company, Inc."

Manufactures pigment, ink and ink products for a broad range of applications, including the textile, wallpaper printing, transfer and specialty markets.

"Mayco WellChem, Inc."

Manufacturing polymer additives and systems for petroleum drilling, workovers and completions.


Chemical industry polymer resins and urethane polymers.

"Mitsui Chemicals America, Inc."

Distributor of fine chemicals, cdr, thermo plastics, etc.

"Mitsui Chemicals America, Inc."

A Supplier of high performing, innovative chemical materials for the agrochemical, building, civil engineering, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, industrial, paper, packaging, textile, transportation, semiconductor, and electrical markets.

"Nanjing Chemicals"

Producing dyestuffs, pigments, and intermediates.

"National Starch and Chemical Co"

Specializing in polymer technology. Products include adhesives, resins, emulsions, specialty polymers, and food and industrial starches.


Manufacturer and exporter of biological stain, indicator color, solvent dyes, basic dyes, phase transfer catalyst and safranine, from India.

"Novasoft Systems"

Manufacturing natural and synthetic dyes.

"Novena Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. -"

Manufacturer and exporter of dyes and intermediates.

"NuSil Technology"

Manufacturers standard and custom silicone materials such as adhesives, gels, elastomers, dispersions, fluids, coatings and primers.

"Organic Dyestuffs Corporation"

Production and sales of dyes, pigments, inks, and chemical auxilliaries for industrial coloring processes, with full-service laboratories in GA, NC, and RI.

"Organic Dyestuffs, Inc."

Manufacturers of dyes and auxiliaries for all industries.

"P3 - Precision Polymer Processors"

Manufacturer of extruded and polished cellulosic sheets.


Manufacturer of products derived from acrylic polymers.


Emulsion polymers, thickeners, specialty coatings, fire retardants and adhesives.

"Pigment dyestuff company India"

Manufacturing pigment, plastisol inks, fast salt and ingrain dyes, reactive dyes, organic pigment, by Indian chemical industry ahmedabad india


On-line plastics materials selection.

"Plasticolors, Inc."

Supplier of colorants and chemical dispersions for the plastics industry.

"Plastics Companies Directory"

Web site dedicated to the world of plastics. Here you can find information about manufacturers, recyclers, and associations, as well as a technical section relating to the characteristics, properties, and analysis methods of the main polymers.

"Plastics Plastics"

Somewhat dated polymer reference site.

"Plastics Platform"

Up-to-date market and pricing information and online polymer trading.

"Plastics Testing"

An independent testing laboratory dedicated to plastics, elastomers, composites and polymers.

"Poly Scientific R & D Corp"

Chemicals, stains and reagents for histology, cytology, toxicology, microbiology, hemotology and clinical chemisty.

"Polymer Directory"

The global trade directory for the polymer, rubber and plastics industries.

"Polymer Enterprises Inc."

Technical support of the Epomin line of polyethylenimine specialty polymers.

"Polymer Gvulot Ltd."

Manufacturing two-component compounds made of epoxy, polyurethane and RTV silicone.

"Polymer Laboratories' Website"

A high technology manufacturing company focussed on advanced polymer analysis and polymer particles in the fields of chromatography, clinical diagnostics and pharmaceutical chemistries.

"Polymer Sales Inc."

Provides materials, molds, and plastics parts along with design and sourcing for your specific needs.

"Polymer Testing of St. Louis, Inc."

polymers testing services

"Polymerconcrete Castings"

Polymerconcrete castings for high precision machine bases.

"Polymeric Protective Linings"

We are the culmination of some 70 years experience in the manufacturing and application of rubber and PVC linings, first as The BFGoodrich Company and now as Polymeric ProtectiveLinings, a division of RJF International Corporation.

"Polymeric Research"

Polymer Processing, characterization and computer modelling. Various new technologies are described. Solids modelling and quick prototyping vis SLA is also available.

"Polymerics GmbH"

Manufacturer of high temperature resistant epoxy- and bismaleimide based adhesives,specialty polymers, polymer characterization

"Polymers & Colloids Group"

Research group at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University


Manufacturing polyurethane molded products for many industries.


Internet marketing strategies for companies in the plastics and rubber industries.

"Polythink Inc."

Polymer manufacturing process simulation software by Polythink Inc.

"Polyurethane and Urethane Wheels and Rollers"

Polyurethane and urethane wheels and rollers.

"Polyurethane Processing and Polyurethane Casting"

Open Cast Urethane Molding information including technical data regarding tensile strength, abrasion resistance, resilience, and other mechanical properties. Reference section provides a glossary of polymer terms.

"Pragati Plastics, Pvt., Ltd."

Manufacture, export or source worldwide PTFE raw materials, PTFE rods/sheets/hollows/profiles, all types of made-to-order parts in over 300 grades, tubing, cloth and any PTFE material.

"Pratiksha Chemicals, Ltd."

Producent of Pigment green 7.


Chemical research & development for custom formulation of coatings, additives and adhesives for metals, plastics, runner, textiles, glass, etc.

"Precision Polymer Processors"

Manufacturer of extruded and polished cellulosics for proprietary use.


Developing, producing, and marketing high quality masterbatches and compounds.

"Prima Chemicals"

We are manufacturer and exporter of pyrazolone intermediate for pigments

"PSI - Polymer Search on the Internet"

Search engine for the global polymer, plastic and rubber industries. Makes finding polymer information quicker and easier. Now includes industry news, updated daily.

"Quotation for Chemical"

Quotation for Chemical

"R R Agencies"

A new entity in the international field of chemicals, dye-intermediates, pigments and leatherchemicals.

"Rantec Corporation"

Supplies water soluble polymers for use in mineral process, flocculation, flotation, hydromulch, tackifier, waterproofing, paper, textile, food, pelletizing.

"Rapp Polymere GmbH"

Polymeric supports for combinatorial, peptide, nucleotide, and pharmaceutical chemistry.

"Rapra Abstracts Database"

The world's most comprehensive collection of plastics, rubber and polymer information - now on the Internet.

"Rapra Technology Limited, Consultants to the Polymer Industry"

A huge resource of information for the rubber and plastic industries, including the Rapra Abstracts Database, free software downloads and the Online Polymer Publications Bookstore.

"RBM Polymers Inc"

For all types of plastic processing equipment and for use with all resin and additive systems.

"Resins And Pigments"

Making all types of resins, pigments and oils for printing ink and paint industries.

"Rhodia Polyamide Speciality Chemicals"

rldwide specialist polyamide corporation. Graphically intensive site but contains lots of info on polyamides.


Manufacturers and suppliers of dyes.

"Rixin Chemical Plant"

Concentrates in the production of organic pigments, macromolecule pigments, AZ-pigments and chromogen pigments.

"Rogers Corporation Elastomer Components"

Our Elastomer Components Unit (ECU) is located in South Windham, CT.

"Sajjan India Ltd."

Manufacturing and exporting dyes and dye intermediates.

"Samsung General Chemicals' Homepage"

manufacturer of LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, HDPE, PP and Composites plus SM, EO/EG, BTX, C4 raffinate

"Samsung Oil & Fat Corporation"

Specialized in textile chemicals for polyester, nylon, cotton, rayon, acetate yarn and mold releaser, internal lubricant, external lubricant.

"Sanyo Color Works, Ltd."

Manufacturing pigments, dyes, functional pigments, cationic pigment-dyes, pigment dispersions, and more.

"Scientific Polymer Products, Inc."

Chemical supply house specializing in research grade monomers, plasticizers, polymers, and molecular weight standards.

"Shangdong Ping Yuan Yongheng Dyestuff Chemical Co., Ltd."

Located in Shandong province, China. A large chemical factory mainly producing dye intermediates. Main products include 1.7 cleves, 1.6 cleves acid, acid urea, etc.

"Shanghai Iron Oxide Pigment Manufacturer"

Offering a wide range of high-quality pigments.

"Shangyu Foreverchem Co., Ltd."

Manufactures mefenamic acid, pharmaceuticals, intermediates, dyestuffs and pigments.

"Shearwater Polymers, Inc."

Manufacturing and sells polyethylene glycol derivatives for protein pegylation and other pharmaceutical and biotechnical applications.

"Shobha Enterprises"

Specialising in pigments, naphthols and intermediates chemicals for the dyes, azo and phthalocyanine pigments, drugs and pharma, aromatic, perfumery and fragrance chemicals.

"Sinlai Industries Corp."

Colours (dye/pigment), fine and specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals suppliers.

"SINOWAY Industrial Co., Ltd."

importer and exporter of chemicals from China, especially inorganic pigments.

"Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc"

The Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc. is a trade association of nearly 2,000 members representing all segments of the plastics industry in the United States.

"Sorbothane, Inc."

Manufacturer of patented viscoelastic material which has vibration isolation and shock absorption characteristics.

"Soujanya Enterprises"

Specialists in pigments and pigment dispersion for use in paint, soap, detergent and printing ink.

"Specialised Industrial Chemicals Ltd"

Paints and chemicals including marine paints, inkjet fluids, franking inks, automotive paints, and more

"Specialty Silicone Products, Inc."

Formulating, compounding, calendaring, extruding and compression molding. Products include: windshield wipers, septa & capliners and lubricating grease & compound.

"Sterling Technology Limited"

Manufacturer of electrical insulating varnishes and resins.

"Stockhausen, Inc."

Chemical manufacturing company. Our largest product is a super absorbent polymer used in diapers.

"Stoopen & Meeûs S.A."

Pigments and dyes for woods, cement, plastics, printing, food, and more, specially formulated by request.

"Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd."

With ISO 9001 certification.

"Suzhou Sunway Dyes & Chemicals Co., Ltd."

Specializing in manufacturing basic dyestuffs.

"System Three Resins"

Product and application information/education for use of epoxy resin adhesives, compounds and coatings.


Printing inks for paper and PVC surfaces, pigment dispersions, and more.

"Taukem S.A."

Manufacture of liquid disperse color concentrates, inks and printing pastes for screen printing of paper for sublimation textile transfer.

"Techthane Urethanes, Inc."

Corrosion-resistant spray & cast urethane elastomers and other urethane products.

"Telechemishe, Inc."

Manufacturing speciality chemicals, including a solid thermoplastic epoxy sulfonamide polymer.

"Ten Cate Advanced Composites b.v"

Advanced Composite materials for Aerospace and anti-ballistic application.

"Tianjin Dept."

Thmaufacturer of phthalocyanine pigment in china. Our main products include phthalo blue(15:0-15:4) upto 1500mt/annul; phthalo green7 1200mt; blue crude 3000mt; direct blue86 200mt.</ul><p></ul>

"TNC Industrial Co., LTd."

Manufacturer of industrial nitrocellulose.

"Urethane Products Corporation"

Manufacturing polyurethane chemical systems and fabricated molded products.

"Urmi Chemical Ind. Pvt. Ltd."

Manufacturer and exporter of salt free dyestuffs.

"Vibgyor Chemtex : Dyes, Pigments, Intermediates and Chemicals"

Vibgyor Chemtex : India based leading Manufacturer and Exporter of dyes, Dyestuff, Pigments, Intermediates, acid dyes, azo pigments, food colour, textiles products, paint, ink and related specialty chemicals.

"Vichem Color"

Single pigment dispersions and color concentrates for thermoplastics in powder, micro-pellet, and pellet form

"Vidhi Dyestuffs Manufacturing Ltd."

Manufacturers and exporters of food colours.

"Vinayak Corp."

Dyes, pigments, aromatic oils, intermediates, food colors, essential oils, etc.

"Vipul Dye Chem Limited"

Manufacturing pigment emultions, solvent colours and acid dyes.

"Wenzhou Huanan Chemical and Industrial Corporation"

Manufactures oil and alcohol soluble aniline blacks, acid powder and grains black.

"Widetex Chemical Co., Ltd."

Taiwanese manufacturer of dyestuff chemicals, including disperse, reactive and solvent dyes; as well a bio-chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry. Plants in Taiwan and China.

"Zhao, Yixing (Philip)"

Chemical engineering, dyes and pigments, computing, organic chemistry and detergents

"Zhuhai Skyhigh Chemicals Co.,Ltd"

Specializing in producing and exporting high quality organic pigments, colorants, chemical intermediates and fine chemicals.

"Zinn Polymers, Inc."

Resellers of raw plastic resin, specializing in engineering grades.

"Zipperling Kessler & Co."

Modification of thermoplastic polymers with pigments and additives. Masterbatch development and production. Corrosion protection with the new organic metal ORMECON, a polyaniline.

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